Inner Warrior Cashmere Hood
Inner Warrior Cashmere Hood
Inner Warrior Cashmere Hood
Inner Warrior Cashmere Hood
Inner Warrior Cashmere Hood
Inner Warrior Cashmere Hood
Inner Warrior Cashmere Hood

Inner Warrior Cashmere Hood

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Be the badass you were born to be in our best selling, luxuriously soft cashmere hood - your new statement piece for cold weather.

Made of 100% Mongolian cashmere, the softest cashmere in the world, our Hood (a.k.a. snood) is also naturally water repellent. Keep your ears and neck toasty warm and your hair dry, even in worst conditions. Versatility meets style with this sustainably sourced, natural fiber cashmere hood  – hiking, biking, skiing, running, gardening, meditation (our personal fave), restorative yoga, cold plunging, a night on the town, luxurious loungewear, even sleeping – the possibilities are endless! Ditch the cumbersome hat and scarf, and simplify your life with this ultra cozy, one piece pullover design. 


  • Durable
  • Stylish winter accessory - makes a great gift
  • Naturally water repellent
  • Noise dampening
  • Soft, Ribbed-knit design
  • Mid-weight (80g) for comfort 
  • Adjustable drawstring 
  • Woven “I am SoulJour” tag on bottom hem 
  • Available color options 
What our Teachers are Saying

“Thanks to SoulJour I have one more reason to meditate every morning. I’m pretty old-school: I return each morning to purposeful asana and pranayama, sit on the same buckweat meditation cushion wrapped in the same shawl, same mala. Suddenly, this amazing piece of fabric comes into the equation. When the mind gets still, it comes home, returns to its essence. Who knew a piece of cashmere could make the whole thing even a little bit more cozy? Seriously…Amazing.” 

– Rod Stryker
Founder, ParaYoga, and one of the world’s leading yoga and meditation teachers

About Mongolian Cashmere

The sustainable cashmere comes from the soft, insulating undercoat that protects Mongolian goats from the cold. Due to the geographic location and severe climate conditions (wind from the Siberian Steppes caused these regions to reach −30 °C in winter), goats in Inner Mongolia produce the finest, longest and softest cashmere in the world to protect themselves from the chilly cold and the stormy wind, which is globally known as the finest (14-16 microns in diameter), longest (length over 34mm) and softest in the world.