Everything we create embodies divine intention, distinct style, and a devotion to tradition & nature.
We are a holistic lifestyle brand built on the roots of yoga for the seeker, sage, and warrior in us all. We represent the collective journey to reveal our essence, activate our purpose, and always rock our Truth.
We believe when body, mind and spirit align, we flow. Life has meaning and we are best able to serve our Selves, families, communities, and the planet. Our mission is to merge the ancient tradition of yoga with modern wellness.


Here we are. Right on time. Exactly where we are meant to be.
We're seekers, sages, warriors.
Peacemakers. Systems breakers. Fearless forces of nature.
Transcenders of darkness to light, we radiate Grace through Purpose.
Purpose through Grace.
We're daily practitioners of radical kindness, compassion and full belly laughter. Quietly confident souls in service to Source, living a life, meant to be lived.
So we close our eyes and breathe.
Unmind the mind and let Truth rise!

Ashley Melin, Founder

Seeker, sage and warrior since 1974, yoga found Ashley in 1992 when her parents brought her to her first class with Richard Odom in Sun Valley, ID. In 2004, she traveled to India for the first time, alone, on a 3-month soul journey. It was a life-changing experience. She would eventually guide hundreds of SoulJours into the magical chaos of India. Ashley found Sarahjoy Marsh in 2004  and participated in countless workshops of all styles of yoga with many of the great master teachers. What a time to study the tradition of yoga! 

10 years ago, Ashley split from her partner of 18 years and dived fully into meditation. For the first time ever, she found God and the idea for SoulJour was born. 

A 21-year graphic design veteran, mother of a teenage boy, a rescue dog and a badass cat, she recently relocated to Bend, OR. Outdoor adventuring in the mountains feeds her soul. Ashley believes that connecting to God, Nature and Self is the key to the castle and it is her mission to design an awakened planet.

Ashley’s Soul Journey