Build your own conscious brand

You live and breathe yoga and all things wellness.

You're loved by many. You're growing a dedicated following.

You've said some really inspiring words that more people need to hear.

You're passionate about protecting Mother Nature.

You love style and quality products. You'd even love to design some of your own swag but time's a factor and it's not your genius zone anyway.

You want to make a difference in the world and serve as many people as possible on many levels.

You'd Love a passive income stream, making money while you sleep is cool.

You want to present yourself as professional, organized, and full of life.

You'd love to offer your unique swag at events and online to all.

Are you a female entrepreneur ready to up-lift your business to the next level?

Introducing our new Build Your Own Conscious Brand program.
A program where entrepreneurs are able to create and market their own conscious brand.

With over 20 years of graphic design experience consulting for large brands such as Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Adidas, Sorel, Starbucks, Converse, Museum of Fine Arts Boston and agencies all over Portland, OR, SoulJour is now offering our design expertise to those wanting to make a bigger, more holistic, sustainable impact in the world. We're passionate about elevating and up-lifting you and your new conscious brand to the next level. Working closely together, we'll create a new logo, identity and/or product Line to match your style and personality - a style that's been waiting to be revealed since the day you were born!

Our Services

  • Logo Design & Branding
  • Marketing Materials (Flyers, Social Media Graphics)
  • Apparel & Sustainable Product Design
  • Presentation Design
  • Infographics
  • Copywriting
  • Photoshoot Direction
  • Art Direction & Consulting
  • Festival / Booth Graphics

Sample Projects

Here are a few samples of work we’ve done for conscious leaders and businesses making a difference in the world. To see Ashley’s corporate and non-wellness industry work visit point3-design.

How it Works

We work closely together to design and produce all aspects of your brand – from logo creation and marketing materials to actual finished product (tees, hats, journals, drinking vessels, tickers, etc). When you look as cool as you are, people notice. A super sweet appearance makes a lasting first impression. We’ll elevate your conscious business to new levels in the most environmentally

We offer a la carter services and products depending on your needs.