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A SoulJour is Born

Dec 21, 2018

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Why SoulJour?

We live in a chaotic world filled with temptations and distractions that may easily take us away from our evolution as humans. From the moment we’re born, we’re left with imprints from our parents, family, school, friends, work, spouses, and the environment around us. Without even consciously realizing, we begin to lose our way hidden behind a veil of illusion.

At some point, we hopefully begin to wake up, asking our Selves: What is my purpose? Why am I here? Am I living my most awesome life filled with love, abundance, and adventure? If not, why?

SoulJour is the result of a lifetime of seeking. It is the intersection of many worlds: yoga & meditation + outdoor mountain adventure + international travel + rock ‘n’ roll + design + sustainability.

Born into an outdoorsy, fitness-loving), I pushed my body physically early on – I was a competitive horseback rider, 10-time marathon runner starting at age 18, and loved climbing huge mountains. I survived 3 Outward Bound/NOLS programs that took me from the Pacific Northwest to Africa for 3 months. Later, skiing and mountain biking became my obsession (and still are).

Soul Jour Ashley Melin

Africa gave me a lifelong travel bug and I took my first trip to India in 2004 on a 3-month solo journey. 15 years later, I’ve taken hundreds of people to India on their own spiritual journeys and will be attending my first Kumbha Mela this February!

Soul Jour - Yoga and Experiences - Ashley Melin 

In 2014, age 40, I separated and later divorced the man I was with half my life. This challenge forced me to look at my Self and I truly began to understand yoga as more than a physical practice. During this time, I dived deep into my meditation practice. I asked the quintessential questions. I began the process of peeling back the layers. I found God.

In this time, I attended Bhaktifest, a yoga festival in Joshua Tree, CA. I wore a trucker hat I had designed for a friend that said “Hell Yeah.” In one day, at least 12 people commented on my hat including Lorin Roche, who brought me on stage because of it. This was all it took to ignite the fire inside me.

A SoulJour was born.

SoulJour is a mindset. It’s the courage it takes to look in the mirror and uncover the veil. It’s the focus it takes to scream down a mountain bike trail with a cliff on one side and poison oak on the other. It’s the freedom felt when the band kicks it into high gear and everyone tunes into the same frequency. SoulJours are edgy and disruptive – while always being mindful of Mother Earth and the roots of yoga. We believe in leaving a mark, but also in leaving no trace.

Yoga Gear, Mats, Clothing and Apparel. Soul Jour was born.

Our current sustainable product offerings include Cork yoga mats, ideal for sweaty hands and feet. We have a reusable 100% bamboo spork which saves hundreds of plastic utensils from entering the landfill each year. Lastly, we have a luxuriously soft, one-piece cashmere hood perfect for sivasana, meditation, and a cold winter’s night.

SoulJour provides the tools necessary to Remember the Self and Rock our Truth like we were born to do.

Every Soul has a Journey – what’s yours?