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Keith Mitchell's Healing Journey to the Jungle of Honduras

Jan 11, 2019

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I was on YouTube and found a video of Lisa LeftEye Lopez from TLC speaking about something that at that time I had newly discovered. She mentioned meditation – the peace – that I had been on a quest to discover. She was in this location USHA Village in the jungle of Honduras. At this point I had no idea who Dr. Sebi was nor did I know USHA Village but as he began to speak about nutrition from a perspective that I had never hear before, I was intrigued. The way Dr. Sebi spoke about attacking mucus in the body, chelation, nutrition having to assimilate, soil deficiencies, these where terms that I had not heard before. I knew from the years I had been playing pro football that the chronic pain had not decreased. I had tried cleansing, I had been eating organic everything, but my pain and migraines had not decreased. I knew I needed more. Hearing Dr. Sebi speak I knew I had to go to this place and see him personally.

Dr. Sebi in HondurasLegendary Dr. Sebi in Usha Village in Honduras

So I went on a soul journey to Usha Village in Honduras. First off, the roads in Honduras are an adventure. Plus, it feels like an adventure because you’re traveling to the Amazon. I had never spent time in a place like this, a healing center, a center where people who have been given up on by the medical world, by last resort find themselves at USHA. I met people from all over the world with all sorts of issues, including cancer, looking to heal. I sat and listened to countless stories. I was compelled and touched by the resilience of humans choosing not to be defeated. 

The time came when I got to meet the legend, Dr. Sebi, and one of the first things he mentioned to me was that human DNA cannot process animal DNA. That was ingrained in my mind when I heard this. This set me on my mission for discovery for better personal health. 

One of the first therapies I received, a nurse made a paste to localize the absorption of this herb for my head due to the many concussions I sustained through my collegiate years at Texas A&M and during my NFL career. I would wear this paste inside a do rag for 7 days straight. The mucus ran out of my eyes periodically all day, I would wake up with my eyelids stuck together from the calcified mucus. 

The most intense therapy was the duck plant. The workers would go harvest the orchid and I ate it raw. The process lasted about 8 hours. The duck plant extracts all mucus from the body. Dr Sebi referred to this as nature’s version of chemotherapy. The following morning recruiting extraordinary senses, I found the ability to hear people speaking across campus, I smelled the food and the flowers, the spring water, in ways I never before experienced.

The facilities are as such: the sauna pumps in the hot thermogenic (9.12 alkalinity) waters which are then mixed with eucalyptus tree bark and leaves. Unbelievable! Breathing in the water in the hot sauna detoxifies the lungs which have been breathing the airplane air and basic toxicities in the air period. We did this 2 to 3 times a day for 15 minutes each session. 
Next stop: the pool, where it typically remains pretty hot but the heat opens the pores to receive the minerals of the water. When you dunk your head in, you open your eyes and just soak up as much of the minerals possible. This happened 2 to 3 times per day. 

The kitchen: Dr Sebi has a food chart that – the alkaline diet – and the lead chef cooked some of the most amazing mixtures of recipes that seemed so complex but are so simple. Mangos on the tree that you can just pick and eat, avocados, bananas – paradise. 

The rest: It’s so peaceful at night. The jungle gets very dark pretty early so the sleep is phenomenal and you wake up to the chirping of birds and the distant sounds of the monkeys if you get up early enough.

Keith Mitchell in Honduras

Dr. Sebi ,whom is no longer with us, and Usha Village saved my health. I’ve been on retreats all around and the yoga and meditation and dialogue by itself has been excellent. But when you add this contribution, true healing is expedited in a way that works time after time for countless people. Your health is your wealth and without it we have nothing. What an incredible opportunity that an experience like this exists! That I can create a shift in my life like this! You come as you are and you leave in a way that’s completely unimaginable unless experienced firsthand.

Let’s Journey together Usha Village. I’ll be leading two groups to USHA April 20 – May 4.

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