EMILY BAUMANN Cultivating Courage: 
Transforming Fear into Strength

Friday, July 28 • 6-9pm
Wembley Park Sanctuary
Lake Oswego, OR


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Emily Baumann

Ashley Melin Ashley Melin

Taiko DrummersTaiko Drummers

Courage is our Core.  

courage: the mental or moral strength to persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. 

Courage isn't the absence of fear. Courage requires action in the face of fear. In this Experience, we'll address fear and learn to move through it with grace to our most courageous Self. 

Live taiko drummers will create exhilarating rhythmic sounds resembling our heartbeats; at times spacious and calm, and other times frenetic and intense. Just like in life; transitions move quietly or occur dramatically. Combining movement and intense vibration, we ignite an enchanting current of positive energy and a ripple effect of transformation! 

As Emily guides a vinyasa yoga practice and the sound of the drum reverberates in our bodies, the experience will take us on a soul journey from our birth until that very moment! The yoga postures will be accessible to all levels and Emily encourages taking ownership of the practice.

Following the movement session, SoulJour's Founder, Ashley Melin, will guide us through a visualization, where in the sweet moments of silence, we'll reach our essence and expand into courage. 

Lastly, we'll put a pen to paper to solidify the experience before Emily then guides us through a chanting session by the fire to burn away any last residue and instill our confidence and authentic power.

After tea and delicious SoulJour Bites, walk back to the car feeling alive and transcendent...and totally immersed in our highest Self.


 10% of ticket sales alongside our generous donations will be donated to The Portland Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association


About Emily Baumann

Emily teaches Vinyasa Yoga with a strong focus in alignment and fluidity in transition. She grew up dancing and ultimately received a BA in Dance from UofO.  She found Vinyasa Yoga in 2008 and completed her 200-hr teacher training in 2011. She has since studied Ashtanga, Therapeutic Yoga and found a spiritual hOMe in Nichiren Buddhism. This is where she met her Buddhist drumming troupe, The Taiko Drummers. Emily has taught for 6 years now in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Portland. 

2017 brought many challenges; Emily's Dad has Alzheimer's, her best friend had cancer, among others.  Emily's Yoga and Buddhist practices gave her the courage to follow her heart and move back to Portland to be closer to family. Emily helps students to see their truth and take action to do their best under the given circumstances.  She teaches to awaken the highest in everyone and unite humanity through believing in the brilliance of our collective light. 


What is Taiko Drumming? 

Taiko is an ancient Japanese form of percussion using large drums.
The most common drum size in taiko is the "chu-daiko" which is the size of a wine barrel.

Taiko drumming is dynamic, loud, hard, and fast, and involves choreographed movement complementary to Japanese martial arts.

The performers are not merely using the drum as an instrument; they are aiming to form a connection between the drum and themselves. The ultimate goal being when the art becomes a part of their personality,
a way of being and life expression.

The Four Principles of Taiko Drumming:

This refers to having a respect for one's Self, other players, and the instruments in order to bring about a discipline of both body and mind.

Kata refers to the way players use their bodies when playing. Kata embraces the potential of the human body as part of their approach to their playing.

This includes how to play the drum, and how to coordinate movements to produce consistent and desired sound and tone. 

Ki is “the life force energy that connects all things.” (i.e. Prana or Chi) Often described as the emotional and spiritual aspect, Ki is a way players achieve oneness with the drum, other performers, and even their audience.



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