Grace Through Purpose. Yoga Event Guru Purnima

Grace Through Purpose. Purpose Through Grace.

July 16 • 6-8:30pm
Wembeley Park Sanctuary
Lake Oswego, OR

Featured Presenter & Musician

Diana HuletDiana Hulet

Joshua FeinburgJoshua Feinburg

How does Grace play a role in our life's purpose? How do we surrender our efforts fully knowing that all is as it was meant to be?

Guru Purnima is a Day of Grace. It is the full moon day that comes immediately after the summer solstice – an especially auspicious day for our practice, and even more so to spend time with one another in a highly frequency space to become more receptive for Grace to flow through us. Guru Purnima is traditionally the day we honor our teachers - both spiritual and academic. It is a day we express our sincere gratitude.

This event we'll learn & practice techniques to allow our purpose to reveal itself.

The event starts with a guided 10-minute silent walk through the woods where we'll meet the beloved Diana Hulet, contemporary mystic with profound knowledge and reverence for the philosophical traditions of yoga. Diana will lead a slow flowing vinyasa movement practice followed by a guided breathwork sequence before diving into a deep meditation focused on gratitude. Lastly, meander to the yagna fire pit for a final sacred ritual around the fire. The event concludes with tea and SoulJour bites before heading back through the woods to our cars.

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