I am a Seeker.

I always have been.

Since the day my soul entered the world, I have sought experiences that pushed the limits of my body, thriving on that energy. The exhilaration of Little-Me astride my powerful horse as we cleared 5’ jumps with ease. The intensity of three Outward Bound/NOLS programs challenged High-School Me with 3-day “solos” in the wilderness and weeks-long backpacking excursions. The fast pace of competing at the top of my age group in 10 marathons pushed 20s-me to new limits.

As if running wasn’t enough, I found mountains to climb. Like, literal mountains – The Matterhorn, Mt. Kenya, Mt. Rainier, loads of Colorado’s 14ers, Hood, Adams, Helens. Just last summer I climbed Mt. Shasta, arguably the most challenging mountain to date!

Then there is the innate “need for speed” that I thrive off. Nothing beats flying down a trail on a mountain bike or skiing from a helicopter – total freedom, total bliss.

10,000 hours spent pushing physical limits in nature always asking myself,

“Who Am I?”

I am a Sage.

I always have been.

After graduating from Duke University in ’96, I moved to Boulder, CO. During an internship at Ski Magazine, I watched the graphic designers in action and discovered my calling. Back to school I went, and in 2000, graduated at the top of my class with a B.A. in Graphic Design. I packed my car and my dog and headed to Portland to pursue a career in graphic design. Portland was cool and raw and the hipsters were real. It was close to the mountains and my extended family. Little did I know, it would become my roots.

I landed a year-long contract job at Nike where I “had” to leave at the end for 3 months before I could return. Off I went, gallivanting around the world, by myself, for months on end, in Third World countries…

Work. Travel. Repeat. For 5 years.

On my travels, I not only learned about other cultures. I learned about myself. I learned independence. I learned to make decisions on the fly in less than ideal situations. I learned to take a shower in a bucket. I learned yoga in its purest form. I learned Grace.  

In the workplace, I learned about the corporate matrix. I learned to put my ego aside. I learned what a “hot” project really means and to do whatever it takes to make a deadline. I learned to keep it simple.

Nike has been my biggest client for 18 years and still challenges me to turn up my A-game, shoot high, grow and evolve. Always.

I am a SoulJour.

I always have been.

Back in ‘92, while on Christmas break from college and well before yoga was A Thing, my parents took me to my first class. I didn’t know what it was; I just knew I felt good after. Suddenly, and for the first time in my life, instead of seeking outside of myself, I began to look inward. I was hooked.

My commitment to yoga took me to India for the first time in 2004; and India took hold of my soul. I used those experiences to start a travel company, and led hundreds of fearless yogis on their own soul-inspiring journeys – out of their comfort zone and into the magical chaos of India.

Yoga has taken me around the world many times. It has woken me up and/or put me to bed each morning for 25 years. It has led me down a path that never ends, yet always begins. I am fortunate to have studied with the best teachers in the world. But nothing prepared me for my biggest teacher, the one whose seed grew inside me…

Grace through Purpose. Purpose through Grace.

With the birth of my son Carter, my life’s meaning and purpose intensified. When I found myself maneuvering the hardship of divorce, I upped my meditation practice. Mediation brings clarity, clarity brings intent, and with intent, a new idea came sharply into focus…