Meditations from Around the Globe: 
Honoring Solstice & International Yoga Day
June 21 Kick Off!



The eternal, earth, air, heaven
That glory, that resplendence of the sun
May we contemplate the brilliance of that light
May the sun inspire our minds.

*Gayatri Mantra Translation by Douglas Brooks

June 21 marks the day the sun is at its highest point (or its shortest in the southern hemisphere). Sun represents warmth, radiance, growth, abundance, ferocity. The sun is a constant – rising and falling each and every day, just like our breath. In the northern hemisphere, the season of the sun is pitta. Pitta represents fire. It’s the time when life is at its fullest. In the Southern hemisphere, the opposite occurs - it is the darkest day of the year, vata season.

Light and dark. Dark and light. When we recognize that we are but a small part of a much larger cosmos, we recognize that all of nature is connected. Union. This is Yoga. For thousands of years, yoga has provided an incredible means of self-realization transcendent of race, gender, country, age, religion. What a blessing to humanity!

In celebration of International Yoga Day & Summer Solstice, we will offer a weekly meditation by some of our AUMazing SoulJour brothers and sisters in other countries. These 10-minute videos are a great resource for your Soul Journey that may be listened to again and again.


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