The Wonder of it All

Be the first to participate in our first ever in-person / virtual hybrid experience with master teachers from 4 different Motherland countries: India, South Africa, Italy and the US. All in real time.

Sunday, November 1 
9:00-11:11AM PST


Sarahjoy Marsh

Deobrat Mishra

Roberto Milletti

Francesca Cassia

Makgati Mokwena

Talaya Thomas

Together we Rock. Together we Rise. Together our collective intention will create a positive vibration around the globe.

Wonder (n.): a feeling of astonishment caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.


Have you ever wondered...?

How to gracefully transcend the daunting challenges of 2020?
How to unlock the doors to our greatest potential?
How to manifest the life we were born to live?

Now more than ever we are being called to Wonder. We are being tested on every level but we must remember that there is also beauty in the unknown. We are no longer able to control the outcome of anything.

What we experience in our next SoulJour Experience entitled “The Wonder of it All” will mark a new beginning. A true soul friendship with our Selves and others – both in person and virtually – will take root. With our wonder hats on, we’ll ask big life questions and peel back the layers of our being. Contemplating the year of COVID, we’ll enjoy the juicy feeling of wonder as it permeate our cells. Taking an 8-limbed soul journey via storytelling, movement, breathwork, meditation, writing, sound, prayer, and the unknown, we’ll emerge wondering about the miracles of life and allow Grace to flow with ease.


This virtual experience features four 30-minute sessions led by renowned yoga teachers and musicians from the United States, Italy, India and Africa. It's time for us Americans to listen to teachers from The Motherlands – from cultures far older and wiser than ours. We are encouraging people to practice in small pods of socially distanced friends, fellow yogis. By practicing together yet also watching the other presenters and their pods, we will enjoy a felt experience as one. One of our duties as SoulJours is to raise the vibration of everyone around us and we'll leave this experience feeling nourished and connected to our new and growing global family. 


Benefits of this Experience 

Engage with master yoga/meditation teachers and musicians 

Design the future state we want to live in our newfound, unsettling reality of life during a pandemic

 a state of wonder, where new doors open and we are able to manifest the life we were born to live

Align soul, mind & body to better serve our friends, families, communities

Connect with SoulJours around the world



Global Live Stream: $11 

Admiral VIP Live Stream: $66  

Global Live Stream +
11-Days of Wonder: $20

Includes the full experience + the recording for 11 days. 

We encourage you to watch with your friends!


Includes the full experience, a SoulJour tee, butterfly sticker, bamboo spork, altar card, 11-Days of Wonder Soul Journey, 11 trees planted in the SoulJour Forest. Includes domestic shipping.

Shipping outside the US is not included.

Includes Global Live Stream + 11-Days of Wonder Soul Journey 




Want to enjoy the Experience with other SoulJours? We HIGHLY encourage you to form "watch & do" COVID friendly, intimate groups with your friends, families, and fellow SoulJours! The experience will be more uplifting when we are connected both physically as well as virtually with our global SoulJour family. 

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Event Schedule

All times listed in Pacific Standard Time. 

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8:55 - 9:00am: Ashley Melin: Welcome

9:00 - 9:30am: Deobrat Mishra: Sound Breathwork & Sitar Meditation

9:30 - 10am: Francesca Cassia & Roberto Milletti: Movement

10 - 10:30am: Makgati Mokwena: Journaling

10:30 - 11am:  Sarahjoy Marsh: Healing Meditation

11 - 11:11am: Talaya Thomas: Closing Prayer

11:11am: 1 Minute of Silence

11-Days of Wonder Soul Journey Info


The number 1 represents independence, optimism, motivation, and inspiration. The number 1 is the number of a trailblazer, a leader. 1 repeated means we’re paving a new path as SoulJours. That something profoundly new is around the bend...let's pray for a fresh start! 

Repetition of the concept instill these values in our psyche. When we see the number 1 repeated it means it's time to take the first step, take action & SoulJour on...


The butterfly represents transformation, rebirth, renewal, impermanence of the mind. Butterflies teach us to recognize change as it arrives – to welcome it vs. fear it. They represent courage and remind us to trust the process of moving through the phases of life with our newfound wings – and fly!


A motherland is a country considered as the origin or source of something. We've chosen teachers from Motherlands originating long before America (considered a Homeland) because ancient wisdom is so simple and so profound. When we are better able to understand the wisdom of our elders, and especially the divine feminine, we will be more equipped to move forward into the momentous election followed by the even more momentous shift to the Age of Aquarius fast approaching in December.

We're in for a bumpy ride through the end of the year and being grounded in our innate wisdom, namely that of our mothers, before setting out to blaze a new trail and shift into our next global chapter is nothing short of huge!

For the remainder of 2020, we’ve partnered with TreeSisters – an organization we believe is doing great things in the world! TreeSisters works to empower local communities in remote areas,by contributing to the reforestation of tropical areas decimated by fires and clearcutting. 

TreeSisters exists to elicit collective responsibility for planetary restoration at the grass roots level with a focus on women and tropical reforestation. They channel 80% of member donations to exemplary existing reforestation organizations in the tropics with whom they partner to restore ecosystems. The remaining 20% funds our behavior change and consciousness shift work with women to reinstate feminine leadership, and normalize collective ownership of planetary restoration.

A portion of all proceeds and 100% of all donations will go towards planting our SoulJour Forest!


Facilitated by

Ashley Melin, founder of SoulJour

Ashley has been a freelance graphic designer for nearly 20 years. Her current clients include Nike, Columbia, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Starbucks, and HEMA Amsterdam. Taking her first yoga class in 1992, she has been a daily practitioner of yoga/meditation ever since, having studied with the best teachers all over the world. She began taking groups to India in 2007, with the goal being to get people out of their comfort zone and to practice living life off the mat that only India will do. As an avid mountain biker, skier, 10 time marathon runner, and big mountain climber (climbing over 25 peaks above 14,000 feet ), she has an intimate understanding of pushing limits – physical, emotional, mental – in order to create change. This concept became the most real when 5 years ago, Ashley experienced a radical shift and divorced the man she'd been with half her life. It was during this most challenging time of her life that the idea for SoulJour was born and she was able to turn her biggest challenge into her greatest gift.

Read more about Ashley


About The Presenters

Sarahjoy Marsh

Sarahjoy Marsh, MA, E-RYT 500, certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and author, is a vibrant, compassionate catalyst for transformation. Clear-hearted and sensitive toward our human condition, Sarahjoy ignites a person’s confidence in themselves as capable of traversing the challenges and joys of awakening from suffering. Through her decades of work with a wide variety of people, she has created an accessible library of tools that develop the life skills people need to re-create health (both physical and mental); to internalize their sense of worth, belonging, and capacity; and to thrive emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. While fundamentally informed by the teachings of yoga, Sarahjoy also masterfully integrates her training in Eastern and Western perspectives, Ayurveda, art therapy and mental health, interpersonal counseling, neurobiology, reciprocal muscle inhibition, and kinesiology. She has an unwavering belief in people’s innate goodness and their capacity to re-awaken to their potential. A sought after teacher of teachers, she leads multiple retreats, immersions, and trainings in the Pacific Northwest and internationally, and is a regular instructor at Kripalu Yoga Center and Breitenbush Hot Springs. Sarahjoy has been teaching retreats for 25 years.  She also teaches 200-, 500-, and 800-hour yoga teacher and yoga therapy trainings in Portland, Oregon; as well as a 200-hour teacher training program in prisons for incarcerated adults to become yoga teachers on the inside. Her book Hunger, Hope & Healing: A Yoga Approach to Reclaiming Your Relationship with Your Body and Food outlines her unique approach to yoga for recovery; integrating powerful yoga and mindfulness tools with modern day psychological modalities for an effective and comprehensive approach to healing.

Committed to supporting marginalized populations and using yoga for social justice Sarahjoy founded Living Yoga and the DAYA Foundation.

Deobrat Mishra

Deobrat Mishra is one of the most energetic and innovative Sitar artists in India. Refinement, melodic and rhythmic complexity are some of the features of his lively style of playing. Born in 1976, he represents the 11th generation of the Benares Gharana tradition. When he was a child, he studied Tabla with his mother, Pramila Mishra, granddaughter of the well-known Tabla player Pandit Baiju Mishra. He started to study vocal music with his father at the age of five and began his Sitar training a year later. That same year, after only six months of practice, he performed on stage for the first time. Five years later, he played for All India Radio. In 1994, he began touring internationally and the Best Young Sitar Player of India Award. Currently he conducts workshops, solo performances for radio and television, international annual tours, as well as world music concerts with Indian, American and European artists. He is the co-founder of Academy of Indian Classical Music alongside his father, Pandit Shivnath Mishra.

Roberto Milletti & Francesca Cassia 

Roberto Milletti world’s renowned leader and co-founder of Odaka Yoga®, as well as being one of the 14th Yoga Alliance International Australia: Master Yoga Platinum, the highest recognition in the industry by a Yoga Organisation. He has been featured in “Om Yoga Magazine UK” as one of the three world leaders in new, contemporary forms of yoga. Roberto teaches at studios and yoga festivals worldwide. Roberto has created an innovative form of yoga that incorporates martial arts, Zen and traditional yoga postures. He is a Master of how to embrace flow and move Ki (the inner power) to open students up to endless possibilities, living by the mantra “We are not here to do yoga, we are here to become yoga”.

Francesca Cassia is an acclaimed International Yoga teacher and co-founder of Odaka Yoga®, as well as a Yoga Alliance International Australia Master Yoga Platinum, the highest recognition in the industry by a Yoga Organization. With yoga it has been love at first posture, and since then her life has been dedicated to the empowering and transformative process of placing the body and mind in a dynamic interplay to reach the perfect alignment. Students call her the “Queen of Psoas.” She has been teaching yoga and running teacher trainings for over 20 years in Europe, USA (United Nations New York City), Australia, Japan. Most, recently she became chief editor of Yoga Alliance International online Journal.

Dr. Makgati Mokwena, Capetown, South Africa

Makgati Mokwena is a rites of passage companion, holding ceremonial rituals and retreats to help individuals journey through various life passages such as marriage, the scattering of ashes, birthdays, first menstruation for girls, initiation into eldership and other rites which mark important transitions in a person’s life. She is also a registered Arts Therapist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa, working as a therapist and coach, as well as performer. She has delivered the opening addresses at various conferences including the International Goddess Conference in Glastonbury, and has designed and facilitated various leadership development programs. She holds two international yoga teacher training certifications from India, and is involved in a soon to be released document-series that charts her life path as a pilgrim seeking direct experience of Divinity. Her leadership development work largely (but not exclusively) centers on personal development, and references the self within the context of a larger team/community/system. The paradigm I hold is appreciative and strength-based – she believes that all human beings are oriented towards, and have the capacity to grow into, their essential Wholeness. She make use of rigorous self-inquiry and reflection as tools for understanding and appreciation oneself, in order to serve self, others and organizations.   

Watch her All Women TV Show filmed in Cape Town


Talaya Thomas, United States

Talaya Thomas considers herself a lifelong student, teacher, mother, entrepreneur, world traveler, and inspirational speaker. She is the founder of the Steamboat Movement Fest, an intimate yoga and movement festival which took place for the last 6 years in Steamboat Springs, CO. This year, she has evolved her endeavor into The Moovment, a XXXX (mission statement?!). When not in a pandemic, she spends half the year in Costa Rica and loves long runs barefoot in the jungle. Talaya is a dedicated student of Navine XXX and a thoughtful yoga teacher guiding her own students through a journey of joy, empowerment, healing (physical, mental and spiritual) and authenticity. Leading the way for black yogini women, she is a force of empowerment to all who come in contact with her. 

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