Catalyzing Courage: 
A Lion's Gate Experience

Yoga • Meditation • Live Music • Writing • Nutrition • Storytelling & Discourse from Around the World

August 1 - 7

9am - 11am PST on Zoom 

August 8: The Lion's Gate

9am - 12 noon PST on Zoom


With Courage Comes Freedom.

Courage is when we are brave and confident enough to do what we believe.
Courage requires facing our biggest fears and transcending them into light.

Being uncomfortable is part of being brave and where we find courage, we find freedom. In this 8-day experience, we’ll have top presenters lead sessions addressing the "8-Limbs of Courage" – areas of life challenge we have most likely experienced at some point in our lives that require Courage to transcend.

In this Global Live Stream SoulJour Experience, we’ll be guided through various movement, meditation, and self reflection exercises to learn how to catalyze the vast courage we possess in order to push through our biggest fears. The week culminates on August 8 - The Lion's Gate - the highest energy portal of the year specifically devoted to abundance & light. We'll simultaneously connect to our global family and with our newfound freedom, we'll truly come to understand that life is an AUMazing gift! 


Each day a unique combination of 2-3 presenters guide us through an experience to catalyze our Courage and burn fear into light. Expect storytelling, movement, breathwork, meditation, a writing activity, live music, and magic.
Only on Zoom.

Individual Session: $30 

Last 4 Sessions: $44

Admiral Package: $111

Includes a 2-hour long intimate gathering with the presenters PLUS
invite a friend!

2 for 1

Includes Wed-Sat sessions (unlimited access to recordings). Plant 2 trees in the SoulJour Forest. Includes all 8 sessions, a SoulJour Kit (bamboo spork, affirmation card) + 1 individual session for a friend. Plant 11 trees in the SoulJour forest. 


Free tickets available to our friends of color or anyone outside the US/EU!

Our new global family has many colors – we come from the east, west, north and south. SoulJour aims to bridge the discrepancy amongst color and gender and the inequalities so many have unnecessarily experienced. We believe that when souls unite, creative magic happens, love happens, WE happen.

This ticket option is for the curious who would love to attend but might not otherwise be able to. 

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What is the Significance of the Lion's Gate?

The Lion’s Gate occurs each year from July 26-August 12 peaking on August 8. During this time, the star of Sirius appears in the skies. Sirius is the second brightest star in the sky after the sun! On August 8, Sirius aligns with Orion's Belt thereby opening a gateway of energy worth channeling. In ancient Egyptian times, this was the marker of a new beginning, a new phase of life. It's a time of heightened creativity and intuition – a perfect storm to manifest the life you were born to live! We are currently facing a huge shift as humans. Let us harness this supreme light energy in order to best serve our Selves, our communities and the world at large.

What is the Meaning of the Number 8?

The number 8 represents abundance, success, prosperity and wealth. The #8 is also the symbol of inner wisdom and balance with infinite energy to support. So when it is doubled, it's particularly auspicious.  

Fun Fact
Our Lakshmi / Abundance graphic on our tees and on the Lion's crown is an 8-pointed star representing her 8 aspects of wealth: Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, has eight emanations. These emanations represent eight forms of wealth: monetary, ability to transport, endless prosperity, victory, patience, health and nourishment, knowledge, and family.


Event Schedule

All times listed in Pacific Standard Time. 

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Mary Clare Sweet
Emmanuelle Sanjivini Brown


Pamela Stokes Eggleston
Amina Naru


Koya Webb
Music by Jim Beckwith


J Brave
Lotus Grace


Rolf Gates
Music by Kevin Sport


Keith Mitchell
Chinook Wusdhu
Music by Kiyoshi 


Dat Dude Jonny
Music by Shea Freedom

SATURDAY, AUGUST 8: The Lion's Gate!

Monica Mesa Dasi
R.R. Shakti
Music by
Masood Ali Khan
Dana Harper
Sandra Small


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For the remainder of 2020, we’ve partnered with TreeSisters – an organization we believe is doing great things in the world! TreeSisters works to empower local communities in remote areas,by contributing to the reforestation of tropical areas decimated by fires and clearcutting. 

TreeSisters exists to elicit collective responsibility for planetary restoration at the grass roots level with a focus on women and tropical reforestation. They channel 80% of member donations to exemplary existing reforestation organizations in the tropics with whom they partner to restore ecosystems. The remaining 20% funds our behavior change and consciousness shift work with women to reinstate feminine leadership, and normalize collective ownership of planetary restoration.

A portion of all proceeds and 100% of all donations will go towards planting our SoulJour Forest!



Facilitated by

Ashley Melin, Founder of SoulJour

Ashley Melin has been a freelance graphic designer for 20 years with current clients ranging from Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Starbucks, California School System, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, HEMA Amsterdam. Taking her first yoga class in 1992, she has been a daily practitioner of yoga/meditation ever since, studying extensively with many of the world's best teachers. Since 2007, she has led hundreds of fearless yogis through the magical chaos of India with the goal being to get people out of their comfort zone and living their yoga. As an avid mountain biker, skier, 10 time marathon runner, and big mountain climber (climbing over 25 peaks above 14,000 feet ), she has an intimate understanding of pushing limits – physical, emotional, mental – in order to create change. This concept became the most real when she divorced the man she'd been with half her life. It was during this challenging time that the idea for SoulJour was born and she was able to turn her biggest challenge into her greatest gift.

Koya Webb

Koya Webb is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, celebrity holistic health coach, author, speaker, and vegan activist whose core mission is to promote daily self-care, oneness and eco friendly living to combat some of the worlds biggest challenges including mental health, social injustices and global warming. Koya is the founder of Get Loved Up, the author of LET YOUR FEARS MAKE YOU FIERCE: How to Turn Common Obstacles into Seeds for Growth. She spreads wellness to her devout Instagram following of over one million followers. As a former competitive track and field athlete training for the Olympics, Koya first got introduced to yoga after a debilitating track injury. Today, Koya has over 15 years of holistic studies. Her aim is to dramatically decrease the number of people who suffer with chronic diseases associated with an unhealthy diet and lifestyle through daily self-care, plant-based nutrition and eco-friendly living. Koya’s expertise has been featured on national media outlets such as Goop, Forbes, NBC, CBS, The Steve Harvey Show, Essence, the cover of Oxygen, and more. She also starred in the reality show “Yoga Girls”, and she’s had a roster of celebrity clients including Stevie Wonder, India Aire, P. Diddy, Ashley Judd, Rev Beckwith and Les Brown.

Rolf Gates

Rolf Gates, author of Daily Reflections on Addiction, Yoga, and Getting Well—as well as the best-selling Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga and Meditations on Intention and Being: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga, Mindfulness, and Compassion—is a leading voice in contemporary yoga, and his work is used as a resource for yoga students and teachers worldwide. He conducts vinyasa intensives and 200- and 300-hour teacher trainings internationally. A former US Army Ranger and social worker specializing in addiction, Rolf brings his eclectic background to his teaching and life. His work has been featured on television and in print, including Yoga Journal, People magazine, and Travel and Leisure. His first children’s book, Yoga Friend: A Pose by Pose Partner Yoga Adventure, was published in 2018. Rolf is a graduate of the Kripalu School of Yoga. 

Keith Mitchell

Keith Mitchell was an All Pro Linebacker. His NFL career ended when he suffered a spinal contusion in his 7th season making a routine tackle. Through the experience of this paralyzing injury, Keith learned to be a contributor to his own healing and regained all functionality through conscious breathing, meditation, and yoga. Keith’s compelling story of healing trauma through holistic practices have been featured on Dr. Oz, USA Today, People, Sports Illustrated, Fox News, The Huffington Post, Mantra Magazine, Yoga Journal, MindBodyGreen, The Los Angeles Times, Ebony, Essence, NFL Films, LA Yoga.

Monica Mesa Dasi

Monica Mesa Dasi founded her first yoga studio in 2007 and became the creator of Yoga for the Peaceful brand studios. She is a bhakti devotional yogini, senior teacher, and an inspiring facilitator of 200/300-Hour Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings in Shiva Rea’s Samudra Global School of Living Yoga. A deep love for empowering yoga teachers to find their authentic voice and thrive in their practice and career inspired Monica to develop her beloved SOUL ON FIRE Yoga Teacher Mentorship online courses. A mother of three sons living in the Colorado mountains, Monica is also a soul surfer, nordic skier, and proud Spanish speaker with Colombian roots who loves traveling and teaching around the world. She continues to develop new and innovative offerings to spread the healing power of yoga to everyone and ignite all hearts to live passionately with a soul on fire! Any connection with Monica can be expected to be infused with sacred ritual, celebration, and movement alchemy to honor all the rhythms of living, loving, and serving life. Her teaching is also influenced by her studies in Ayurveda, Buddhism, and attraction-based consciousness as well as her personal healing grief journey and a devotion to spreading the message of her Guru, Neem Karoli Baba: “Love everyone. Serve everyone. Remember God.”


Jim Beckwith

Jim Beckwith is an accomplished musician, songwriter and teacher. His love of music and yoga inspired him to focus on bringing live music to yoga classes. Jim's music is soulful and evocative of healing and inner awakening. He mixes mantra chants and English lyrics with a melodic and accessible tapestry of sound, exotic instrumentation and undulating rhythms. A compelling lyricist with a voice that soars from high to low with the greatest of ease, Jim is a devoted yogi and musician who focuses on Bhakti - the great yoga of the heart. Jim has played with many of the world's top teachers: Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Saul David Raye, Desiree Rumbaugh, Amy Ippoliti, Sianna Sherman, Janet Stone, Kia Miller, Silvia Mordini and Tommy Rosen, among others. Jim recently move to Bologna, Italy.

R.R. Shakti

R.R. Shakti, Ph.D. A doctorate in Mythology and Depth Psychology, combined with formal education in Traditional Eastern Arts, (including nearly two decades of work in Yoga, Meditation, Massage Therapy, Ayurveda, and Five Elements) has provided me with stories, symbols, insights, and practices that give life more meaning. She masterfully shows the  common threads of image and archetype that weave us all together as ONE.

Mary Clare "MC" Sweet

From a musical family (her uncle is Matthew Sweet), Mary Clare "MC" Sweet followed her passion for rhythm and dance to New York City, where she became a student of the venerable Sri Dharma Mittra, founder of the Dharma Yoga Center. From there, Sweet’s yoga career has taken off. At age 26, she opened her first vinyasa studio in Omaha, Nebraska: Lotus House of Yoga. Five years later, she is the owner of five Lotus House locations, a regular teacher at yoga festivals nationwide, and she runs several teacher training programs a year.

Masood Ali Khan

Masood Ali Khan has a unique musical performance and voice that inspires a meditative experience with his mesmerizing combination of the 'Hang’ (drum), hand pans and sacred mantras. Masood was born in London into Indian/Muslim heritage and is a musician of eclectic qualities. He has been practicing yoga for over 25 years. Masood studied and practiced Acupuncture and homeopathy and received his PhD at the Open International University of Complementary Medicine in Colombo, Sri Lanka where he was also was head of the faculty for Universal Energy from his Universal Energy teacher 'Master Luong Minh Dang. He is also a Certified Teacher for the Heather Lyle Vocal Yoga Method® Incorporating vocal exercises and postures to strength to the sounding vessel
( the whole body). Masood’s soul spirit songs are infused with the power of the heart and mind to help humanity. 

Pamela Stokes Eggleston

Pamela Eggleston, MBA, E-RYT500, YACEP Pamela is the Founder and Director of Yoga2Sleep and Retreat to Spirit. She is a certified yoga therapist and meditation teacher with specialized certifications in plant-based nutrition, cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I), and trauma-informed yoga to work with service members, veterans, their caregivers, and insomnia sufferers. An avid yogini for over 20 years, Pamela was motivated to begin her teaching journey when she realized that yoga helped her sleep, decreased her insomnia and reduced her knee osteoarthritis pain. Pamela has an MS in Yoga Therapy from Maryland University of Integrative Health and an MBA from University of Maryland University College. An accomplished consultant, advisor, published author and national speaker, Pamela has worked for numerous agencies including the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the Veterans Administration, the Department of Labor, as a yoga therapy intern for Johns Hopkins Medical Center, and as an advisor on Congress-supported publications centering on substance abuse, mental health, criminal justice and military and veteran family matters. Her work and writing have been featured in Yoga Therapy Today, Gaiam, Military Spouse Magazine, Yoga Journal, Mantra Yoga and Health, Essence, the Huffington Post, and on Ellen and MSNBC.

Learn more about Pamela

Amina Naru

Amina Naru recent past Executive Director of the Yoga Service Council, is the founder of Posh Yoga LLC in Wilmington, Delaware, and works as a trauma sensitive yoga teacher, workshop facilitator, and YSC Best Practices project manager. Amina served three terms as secretary for the YSC Board of Directors and is a contributing author to the books Best Practices for Yoga with Veterans (YSC/Omega, 2016) and Best Practices for Yoga in the Criminal Justice System (YSC/Omega, 2017). She has served as the project manager for Yoga and Resilience: Empowering Practices for Survivors of Sexual Trauma (YSC/Omega) published by Handspring May 2020. She was the project manager for Best Practices for Yoga with People in Addictions and Recovery. Her professional expertise is in the field of yoga service for communities, juvenile detention centers and adult prisons. Amina has been featured in Yoga Journal, Yoga Therapy Today and on the J. Brown and Yoga Alliance podcasts. She served as Executive Director of the nonprofit Empowered Community and is the first black woman to implement curriculum-based yoga and mindfulness programs for juvenile detention centers in the state of Delaware.

J Brave

J Brave is here to inspire others to remember their divine nature. This former counselor for Homeless and At-Risk youth uses his music as a vehicle for service. He is the founder of the internationally renowned Hip Hop collective the Luminaries, visionary of Benevolence Festival, and has toured the world spreading messages of peace, love, and unity throughout his travels. His debut solo album "Amethyst" has peeked the ears of global listeners, and the single "Sacred" has gone viral approaching a million video views on Facebook. He strives to use his songs as a means to express his personal transformation while sharing his stories of resiliency through adversity. He is an avid speaker, and leads workshops & coaching sessions under the theme "Discover Your Sacred Offering" and is in production with his new album “Gifts” set to drop in 2020. J Brave is passionate about uplifting the masses, speaking against injustices, and rekindling our connection to Mother Earth so we may live in a more loving world.


Kiyoshi is a visionary-inspirational vocalist, musician, and songwriter, with a deep passion for empowering humanity. He is a purpose driven wordsman whose fusion of upbeat hip-hop, soulful sounds, rhythms and rhymes are rooted in social, spiritual, and political awareness to provoke the world to listen and feel what is true. Blending styles from his Pacific Island and African American lineage, he built his reputation as one of Metro Detroit’s most creative and talented artists. Kiyoshi currently resides in Southern California, where he performs, rap coaches, curates events, and teaches workshops.  He’s performed and collaborated with Beats Antique Orchestra, The Polish Ambassador, Luminaries Crew, Zap Mamma, Aloe Blacc, Xavier Rudd, Mayer Hawthorne, Slum Village and more. 

Sandra Small

Sandra Small is a singer-songwriter & NYC native. Ever since her debut EP release “World Gone Crazy”, in 2006 & her 1st full album release in 2009 “Illusions”, Sandra Small has been writing about the troubles of the world and how to push through to realize one's dreams. In 2013 Sandra recorded her last record with The Smallworld Band. Shortly after that, the lead guitarist in her band passed away, along with 3 other people close to her. It was hard to finish anything at that time. 

Moving forward, It seems that now Sandra has lots to share from that time period. Sandra’s music continues to keeps her on the path of discovery. With each new cycle of life, Sandra opens new doors, discovering the new territories that lie in the depths of her own mind and creativity. Sandra is currently on a solo mission, producing her own recordings and performing live shows with rhythms, and a blanket of sound enhanced with rhythmic melodies, lines, riffs with her loop pedal and heartfelt vocals. 

Dana Harper

Harmonious, powerful, and compelling are just a few words used to describe Dana Harper’s sound, along with her energy. This Dallas native is equipped with brains and a rich tone that captivates and leaves you wanting more. The originality, and hints of nostalgia in her lyrics and sound, are breathtaking. Simply put, Dana is undoubtedly a force of nature. Dana released her first album, Be Alive, before moving to New York City for college where she studied Musical Theater. During her time in New York, Dana graced the stages of The Apollo Theater, Madison Square Garden, and was featured on BET’S, “Wild Out Wednesday” singing competition. Dana's career has taken her all around the world but her most recent and proud accomplishment to date is being in the Top 20 on season 11 of NBC's hit tv show "The Voice,” as a member of Blake Shelton's Team. Currently residing in Dallas, Dana can be seen performing regularly at various venues and is still active in the theater community.

Emanuelle Sanjivini Brown

As a third generation yogini Emmanuelle Sanjivini Brown was introduced to the spiritual path in her lounge room where white clad masters would teach early morning yoga & meditation classes. At the tender age of 5 she took to art healing when embarking in her first Reiki program with MASTER Beth Grey. Now after 20 years of working within health and wellness Emmanuelle blends her vast knowledge of training for human excellence in settings of private classes to presenting in major conferences & retreats internationally. Her favourite pastime is exploring theology and philosophy, which inevitably pulls her back on yearly pilgrimages to her heartland of India; contemplating under the guidance of Guru Yogrishi Vishvaketu & Swami Atmananda. Today Emmanuelle is known for her life-affirming and exuberant teaching style. She creatively inspires her students so they may learn to facilitate their own growth within the realms of spirituality and the healing of mind, body and spirit.

Chinook Wusdhu

Chinook is a master teacher in Dallas, TX with over 42 years of experience in internal wellness arts with experience in just about every healing modality (yoga, yoga therapy, tai chi chuan, kung fu, martial arts, meditation, mindfulness, advance pranayama techniques, tantra, yoqua ntchr (means the organic, natural way, the way of constant evolution), tai chi ntchr, advance sports specific training, injury prevention & rehabilitation, master swim instructor, founder/leader of urban dance troupe, yoga for addicts in recovery, yoga & tai chi for seniors). His personal mantra and philosophy is: *If it works holistically I incorporate it. If it doesn't work, I eliminate it. 

He's completed teacher trainings at the following:



Shea Freedom

In the songs he writes, during keynote speeches or hosting workshops you can find Shea Freedom bringing love, delivering nurturing performances and charming audiences the world over.  Freedom uses his various platforms to advocate for foster youth, human rights and environmental issues that affect us all. Born in Los Angeles Freedom was raised in California’s foster care system where he was subject to 28 different placements. Like 68% of foster youth, Freedom emancipated into homelessness. In 2018 Freedom was featured on ABC TV in Salt Lake City, Utah before taking the stage after Madame Gandhi (former drummer of MIA) for a co-headlining performance at Salt Lake City Pride. Freedom brought the love on tour in 2016 opening for world renowned artist Trevor Hall in Arizona & California and as a member of the LGBTQ community Freedom was awarded the 2016 Rising Star Award by Black Trans Men Inc. In 2015 Freedom was invited by sisters Chloe & Leah of Rising Appalachia to tour in AZ, CA and CO. He has shared the stage with renowned LGBTQ artist Goddess & She who were featured on the Showtime hit series "The L Word." 

Dat Dude Jonny

Dat Dude Jonny is a consciousness artist, currently based out of Blacksburg, VA. He is a traveling instructor and speaker on matters of yoga/movement, mindfulness, and self-awareness and has led events at festivals, studios,  and universities across the country. At In Balance Yoga Studio, he serves as the Community Outreach Director and is the Chief Yoga Officer for Metta Mats. As a member of the international, Black, male yoga collective Black Boys OM, he works alongside his peers to cultivate healing, consciousness, and strength through public outreach and focus within this specific and often forgotten population. Whether it be within the wellness industry or in public forums, he works diligently to create progress towards equality and equity amongst populations through mindful action. Committed to breaking down the stigmas and barriers within the wellness industry, Dat Dude Jonny spends much of his time working to bring underserved and unnoticed populations to the realization of their highest self.

Lotus Grace

Burned by the flames of pain. Carried by the winds of change. Nourished by the waves of faith. Transformed by the earth’s embrace. Here emerged...Lotus GraceLotus' intention is to be a reminder that true healing comes from allowing ourselves to feel.. deeply, authentically, gently, and courageously. Through music, she has come to learn how to accept her emotions as teachers, as well as beautiful visitors waking her up to remembering who she truly is. Her message for humanity is that no matter our differences, when we allow ourselves to drop the walls of separation - we will begin to see that we are One. She channels her deeply emotional, heart-felt songs as messages from the Divine showing us the power of vulnerability, grace, and love.

Kevin Sport

Kevin Sport is a multi-faceted percussionist/multi-instrumentalist whose diverse talents have facilitated a musical life ranging from New York club dates to Cairo concert halls. He has performed almost every genre of popular and art music imaginable, from middle-eastern dub to indie rock in clubs all over NYC, and with Turkish master drummer Bunyamin Olguncan at the American University in Cairo. He worked for over 10 years as an accompanist for modern dance and movement classes in New York City, playing in studios including The Alvin Ailey School, The Martha Graham School and the J.K.O. School at American Ballet Theatre. In addition to his studio work, Kevin has released 3 albums that are in use in dance studios around the world. He has worked as a musician in the dance department at Perry Mansfield for 5 summers. He now resides in Steamboat, CO. Kevin earned his BM in percussion from James Madison University.

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