Lion Courage Flowy Tee
Lion Courage Flowy Tee
Lion Courage Flowy Tee
Lion Courage Flowy Tee

Lion Courage Flowy Tee

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Discover the essence of femininity and celebrate your unique body shape with our new Lion Courage Flowy Tee. Specially designed to highlight your natural beauty, its relaxed yet elegant fit features a delicately cinched waist that gracefully contours your hips. Versatile and flattering, with loosely draping sleeves and a wide neckline, may be worn symmetrically or asymmetrically as an off-the-shoulder style. This tee is crafted from luxuriously soft fabric, ensuring both comfort and style

About the Graphic:
Lions are the rockstars of courage, leadership and the freedom to confront challenges with strength and nobility. As revered messengers of the divine, lions serve as a powerful link between earthly and spiritual realms. Its unique horns remind us to dare to be different. The crown of Lakshmi, with a small With Courage Comes Freedom mantra, adds a touch of prosperity and abundance, suggesting that strength, courage, and divine blessings lead to abundance and prosperity. May this graphic give you a liberating spirit of courage in navigating life's challenges. 

Wear When Needing:
Courage, Freedom, Protection


  • Wide off-the-shoulder neckline
  • Loose fit sleeves and body with gathered waist
  • Interior manifesto graphic
  • Soft to the touch viscose blend fabric 
  • Wash cold & hang dry