Desiree Rumbaugh (USA)

Desiree Rumbaugh (USA)

International Yoga Teacher, Author Fearless After Fifty


Desiree Rumbaugh is an internationally recognized yoga teacher. She travels the globe offering workshops and retreats, sharing knowledge she has accumulated over the past three decades of working with students of all ages and levels of experience. She is the co-author of “Fearless After Fifty: How to Thrive With Grace, Grit and Yoga” and has online classes available through Tintyoga, Yoga Download, Shri TV, Gaia and Yoginit.Desiree holds fast to the teaching that Love is Stronger Than Fear. Having navigated personal tragedy, she has relied on the study and practice of Yoga to help her move forward in life with inner strength and courage. Known also for her warmth, authenticity and playful sense of humor, Desiree is a master at delivering the complexity of yoga in a down-to-earth, easily understandable way.

She currently resides in San Diego with her husband, Andrew Rivin, where they are enjoying the pleasure of being near their new granddaughter.

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Why do you practice yoga? 

My yoga practice is a time for me to focus, look inward, breathe, feel, strengthen and stretch my body, mind and spirit. It is sensual and practical, it is repetitive and creative, old and new every day. 

What mantra/quote/belief do you life by? 

Love is Stronger Than Fear is a guide for my mind and heart. I return to it whenever I feel afraid or unsure. In the end, the response that stems from love always feels better.

What's been your biggest life challenge and how did you use yoga to get you through it? 

My biggest life challenge was accepting the loss of my 20 year old son. He and his girlfriend were both shot while on a camping trip in 2003. I had to learn to weave this deep loss into my spiritual journey and I had to expand my perspective 1000 fold to even begin to understand how to hold grief and joy simultaneously in my life. This work has helped me grow in compassion for others who suffer in any way and it has taught me to live more fullly and appreciate each precious moment.