Cynthia Pedraza (MEXICO, USA)

Cynthia Pedraza (MEXICO, USA)

Yoga Teacher & Mom

Tell us about yourself?
I’m Mexicana, a mom, compassionate, warmhearted, with childlike curios. I’m happy for no reason or many reasons. I’m a true believer that everything comes to you in the right moment.

Why do you practice yoga?
To navigate this life with unconditional love, compassion, respect, and kindness.
To feel what true happiness is, the kind of happiness that comes from within with no explanation.
I practice yoga so when I close my eyes I can truly see who I am.
I practice Yoga to be able to see God in every living thing.
I practice Yoga Because what we practice we become.
I practice Yoga to become WHOLE

What mantra (motto/quote/belief) do you live by?
“Be”, don't try to become, when we try to become someone, we lose our original self, accept yourself as you are and embody your best self!

What’s been your biggest life challenge?
Trust that It will come

What’s #1 on your bucket list at the moment?
To finish a book I’m writing for my girls about mindfulness and meditation.