Dat Dude Jonny (USA)

Dat Dude Jonny (USA)

Yoga Teacher, Consciousness Activist, Writer



What's your definition of a SoulJour? 

Follow along. Watch closely. Witness my Soul Journey...I’ll show you with actions in lieu of words.

What mantra/quote/belief do you life by? 

“Now look at yourself, are you an OutKast? I know I am. As a matter of fact, fuck being anything else. It’s only so much time left in this crazy world.”- Big Rube

What's been your biggest challenge and how did you use yoga to get you through it? 

My greatest challenge in life was moving beyond the deep depression and reckless lifestyle that had me falling apart left and right. That time in my life was a journey to rock bottom. However, that journey led me to the practices of meditation and yoga. A humble reminder that often our greatest obstacles can become our greatest blessings.

How did you turn this challenge into opportunity?

I now share practices and insights that are influenced and rooted in music, meditation, and movement. Through artistically curated experiences I work to help folks discover self-awareness and mindfulness in order to heal; to grow; to be.

What's your daily practice?

Music, meditation, and movement. Taken as needed. Repeated daily.

What's #1 on your bucket list currently?

Pay my mama's bills.