Every SoulJour Experience is designed to be a completely unique, transformational experience. We live in a world filled with distractions leading us away from our true nature, our essence. Our experiences are guide us on a journey back hOMe. As SoulJours, our purpose is to Remember our Self in order to activate our purpose and bring light in this world. First, we must look at our shadows. Sit with them. Then release them in order to allow light to pass through.

Weekend Immersion
<p>Keith Mitchell</p>
<p>Tap into Our Greatness</p>
<p>November 2-4, 2018</p>

Keith Mitchell

Tap into Our Greatness

November 2-4, 2018

Winter Soulstice
<p>Nathan Mills &amp; The Colin Hogan Band<br>The Jedi Experience<br>Dec 21, 2018</p>

Nathan Mills & The Colin Hogan Band
The Jedi Experience
Dec 21, 2018

International Adventure
<p>The Kumbha Mela &amp; Varanasi<br>India Soak in the Shakti<br>Feb 7-17, 2019</p>

The Kumbha Mela & Varanasi
India Soak in the Shakti
Feb 7-17, 2019

Wembley Park Sanctuary
<p>Anton Mackey<br>Rock Your Truth<br>Summer Solstice &bull; June 21-23, 2019</p>

Anton Mackey
Rock Your Truth
Summer Solstice • June 21-23, 2019