SoulJour Sanctuary is Now in Bend!

We believe when body, mind and spirit truly align, we flow. We feel integrated and full of grace. Life has meaning and we are best able to serve our families, our communities, and the world at large.

Each carefully curated SoulJour Experience seeks to connect you to your Self, Source and Nature. Through yoga, self-reflection, live music, nourishing food, and our intentional apparel, we aim to Nourish, ReCreate, and Serve all who step foot in our new hOMe.

The new SoulJour Sanctuary is more intimate, with a 30-person capacity, but our experiences will be even more potent and profound than ever before! As you may imagine, it takes a lot of energy to re-build and grow a new community. However, the time is NOW, SoulJour is more RELEVANT than ever, and the need for human connection is REAL!  The theme is ABUNDANCE and we'll be utilizing the power of the moon and angel numbers to support our soul journey.

SoulJour represents the collective journey to find Truth, reveal Essence, and activate Purpose. We invite you to join us to one or all of our offerings and hope to see you this summer!







$44 for each session / $77 for 2 people

$99 for full 3-Summer Series Package

Add a SoulJour Tee or Tank for $25!