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About Our Ji

Richard Odom was Souljour’s first yoga teacher nearly 25 years ago and is our first featured Ji. Richard has taught yoga in Sun Valley, ID for over 40 years. For decades, he has gathered, studied and assimilated information from both the East and West, and his presentation reflects a unique appreciation and understanding of how these different cultures complement one another.

Richard has engineered his own practice based on a design that targets achieving a total body balance of health and well-being. His approach and techniques are augmented by what he has borrowed from other traditions. And like all the best teachers, he can communicate what he has learned to all levels of students. Richard has the talent of a performer to translate ideas into movement and to capture and hold an audience’s attention. His hallmarks are clarity, patience and humor.

Richard's class always ends with one simple mantra:
Inhale: My body is strong.
Exhale: My mind is at peace.

Wearing an ODOM piece serves as a reminder to pause briefly at any time in your day and practice the mantra. The result is a delicious feeling of ease and deep peace.

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