Cashmere Twisted Turban
Cashmere Twisted Turban
Cashmere Twisted Turban
Cashmere Twisted Turban

Cashmere Twisted Turban

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Your wish is my command. – Source

Manifesting the life we were born to live requires focus, desire, surrender, faith and most of all –  a super cute, super warm 100% Mongolian Cashmere Twisted Turban to keep the head warm while visioning! This lightweight, totally unique twisted turban may be worn 3 different ways. Twisted in the front when you want to Rock your Truth. Side twist is fun for a change of pace. Throw the twist to the back for a simple, sophisticated  "beanie in the front, slouchy in the back" look.

About Mongolian Cashmere

The Inner Mongolia cashmere goat is a local dual-purpose breed with a long history. It adapts well to desert and semidesert pastures. The goats can be divided into five strains, Alasan (Alashanzuoqi), Arbus, Erlangshan, Hanshan and Wuzhumuqin. Wind from the Siberian Steppes caused these regions to reach −30 °C in winter. The climate of there is one of extreme weather conditions, combined with rapid changes of temperature and strong wind. Due to the geographic location and severe climate conditions, goats in Inner Mongolia produce the finest, longest and softest cashmere in the world to protect themselves from the chilly cold and the stormy wind, which is globally known as the finest (14-16 microns in diameter), longest (length over 34mm) and softest in the world. The goats roam freely most of the year and are brought in for the sheering process.


  • 100% Mongolian Cashmere – the softest in the world
  • Sustainably raised goats. No harm done to them. 
  • Lightweight
  • For women and men
  • Naturally water repellent
  • May be worn 3 ways
  • Wash by Hand Only
  • Great for meditation