Sandra Small

Sandra Small


Sandra Small is a singer-songwriter, NYC native, and diamond in the rough!

Ever since her debut EP release “World Gone Crazy”, in 2006 & her 1st full album release in 2009 “Illusions”, Sandra Small has been writing about the troubles of the world and how to push through to realize ones dreams. In 2013 Sandra recorded her last record with The Smallworld Band. Shortly after that, the lead guitarist in her band passed away, along with 3 other people close to her. It was hard to finish anything at that time. 

Moving forward, It seems that now Sandra has lots to share from that time period. Sandra’s music continues to keeps her on the path of discovery. With each new cycle of life, Sandra opens new doors, discovering the new territories that lie in the depths of her own mind and creativity. Evolving from the Smallworld Band, she hopes to return to the roots of camaraderie with her musical peers one day. However, At this moment, Sandra will embark on a completely solo mission where she will produce her own recordings and create live shows with rhythms, and a blanket of sound enhanced with rhythmic melodies, lines, riffs with her loop pedal and heartfelt vocals. 

Come experience the world within, the Smallworld that is Sandra Small.

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What's your definition of a SoulJour? 

My definition of Soul Jour is a fearless being who is not afraid to journey to the unknown to find their way.

What mantra/quote/belief do you life by? 

"All we need is love" The Beatles

What's been your biggest challenge? 

One of my life's greatest challenges was in the year of 2014. I lost and learned a lot that year and it was such a pivotal time for me. That year I lost (2) of my best friends Marco Velez and Michael Campbell and (2) other friends Debbie Joe and Carol Peoples. 

Mike (nickname) was also the lead guitarist in my band, Smallworld Band.

When Mike passed away, his unexpected death changed the direction of my life. It was a time where I had to deal with way more than I could chew.  Not only did (2) of my closest friends transition, my step-father was in treatment for stage 4 throat cancer and I was taking care of him. My life had a momentary lapse of reason and everything instantly became brand new. I was in a different space and time. The plans for my life had spontaneously stopped and  changed. Mike was a big part of my development as an artist and band leader.  He was a well respected musician that was very well known and was guiding me along the way.  I truly lost a valuable friend and great mentor and also my other dear friends that year.

How did you heal?

Creativity helped me to heal. We recorded a studio album in 2013 and Michael passed before it was completed. I wanted to make sure that record was a classic record that he would be proud of. He played on every track and I ended up finally releasing that album in December 2018.  It  took me 5 years to complete. 

Aside from that project, I started to become a full time working musician in 2015. I had 3 booking agents and played nursing home and rehabs singing and playing as a recreational/music therapist. Restaurants/Bars/Private Parties and even played for Pre-school and Alternative high schools. My music and working as an independent musician and artist, doing what I love most in life and making a living really was helping me to heal as I was healing others with my gift of music. Also, my stepfather was on the up and up :0)

How did you turn this challenge into opportunity?

I would say, when it was all said and done, as I had to cope and deal with the very harsh reality that life was changing, I used the experience as a catalyst form of energy to catapult me into the next phase of life.  Appreciating life more and realizing that tomorrow is never promised.  Just like that, at the blink of an eye it can all go away. The gift that I took with me is the gratitude for life and the experiences of the moment. I know they are priceless and I am forever grateful for the beautiful friends that I had and hope to meet them one day in another realm.

What's your daily practice?

My vocal exercises :0)

What's #1 on your bucket list currently?

Explore some native lands and tribes. Experience life and culture in nature. Particularly in countries of West Africa.