Emmanuelle Brown (AUSTRALIA)

Emmanuelle Brown (AUSTRALIA)

Owner & Director, Chirn Park Pilates & Yoga Studio

Tell us about yourself?
I am the owner and director of Chirn Park Pilates & Yoga studio. As a third generation yogini I was born onto a spiritual path, first introduced to Yoga by my Grandmother at age 4. I also studied under Reiki master Rev. Beth Grey of the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage becoming a Reiki practitioner at age 5.

This is where I met my Yoga teacher, Channa Dassanayaka, with whom I trained in a Buddhist Vinayasa Yoga. Truly inspired by Channa’s wisdom, I traveled to the home land of Yoga and undertook study of Yogic science and philosophy over a period of 2 years in Rishikesh, India.

I studied under my Guru, Yogi Vishvaketu of the Nath Lineage, with whom I deepened her understanding of yogic practices, history and philosophy.

Why do you practice yoga?
It brings me a sense of solace & peace. It allows me to negotiate partnerships in my life. It keeps my body feeling healthy and good.

What mantra (motto/quote/belief) do you live by?
Follow your bliss.
What’s been your biggest life challenge?
Feeling unfulfilled & paralyzed by not knowing who I was. Yoga helped me to find my Self.