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SoulJour is Back! Like the Phoenix Bird, We Rise...

Oct 09, 2023

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If you've been wondering where SoulJour went, I'm so happy to say we're slowing but surely making our way back into the world!

For the last 2 years, I have been dealing with an epic Arjuna-style custody battle that required ALL my time, energy and financial resources. With my son's wellbeing and my sanity being pushed to the max, I had to focus on 3 areas (in order of importance): my own self care*, my son, and my graphic design work to pay for my exorbitant legal fees on top of regular life.

Nearly everyone told me it couldn't be done. That getting sole custody after 50/50 was virtually impossible. And even more impossible was relocating to Bend, OR – a city more than 60 miles away.

The problem is...I just wouldn't settle for stuck.
Portland was NOT an option.

Instead, I keep believing one important thing:

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Every single day I turned inward. I prayed. I journaled. I meditated. I did Joe Dispenza guided visualizations. I chanted. I connected to Nature, Self and Source. I believed wholeheartedly in the process. I had faith. I surrendered...literally full pranam (on my stomach, arms stretched out fully) on my mat facing my altar. 

I journaled and whiteboarded some variation of the following prayer:
Dear God, angels, guides, T (Talaya), grandmothers, Athena, and the Law of Karma: Please help us. Please bring us the mountains, sun and like-hearted people. Guide us to our highest wisdom. Our highest Truth. May this situation be taken care of swiftly and with Grace. Thank you.

And then I let go of pushing the process. Making it change would never work.
I had to allow the journey to transpire knowing in the back of my mind, I heard a faint whisper – I would get Carter and move to Bend – a healing land of rocks, sagebrush, sun mountains, outdoor adventures, and high vibe living.

And all clicked!

December 2022:
I got sole custody of my son.

June 2023:
1) My house sold before it went on the market for more than I wanted.
2) The same day it went under contract I found a RAM campervan (see also added layer of FREEDOM) for the exact price I wanted.
3) I found the perfect new house IN BEND for under asking price and exactly my 111 angel number.

August 2023:
We went to court where the judge (aka Higher Authority) served justice and I was FREE...officially!! 

We did it!
My son and I untangled an intricate web of illusion, ego and fear and moved a big old mountain. Truth and love really do win!

All thanks to the power of Yoga.
(and of course my home team: attorneys, therapists, family, select friends)

Yoga is so much more than a physical practice. It is a journey towards self-realization. Many thanks to the O.G. yoga teachers, elders, and mentors who passed on the tools I needed to fight the battle of a lifetime...against my own family! (Sound familiar Bhagavad Gita?!)

And so... like the phoenix bird I designed on our shirts in 2018, we rise again!
With each day I feel survival energy turning into creative energy. I see a chaotic, distracted, and reactionary world desperately needing the ancient teachings of yoga on top of the wisdom of living master teachers to ground us into our unique essence, purpose and truth.

In the coming weeks & months, we'll be announcing SO MUCH new awesome! A new website, travel adventures, products, trainings and more....

May my soul journey be a catalyst for big changes and great things in your life.

Hari Om,

*Remember: a SoulJour prioritizes his or her own self-care because only when the body is exercised and the mind quiet may God enter the equation. When God enters the equation, those around you are taken care of!