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Shakti's Journey: We Go with the Flow

Oct 23, 2019

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Shakti's Journey
A Yoga, Meditation, Art, Nature Experience

A new sankalpa came to me earlier this year out of nowhere during a meditation. "I design an awakened planet." It has since been posted front and center on my altar and is what I repeat each day. A few months after posting this, Peter Sterios, wrote an email with Blake Beltram cc'd and a note saying “I feel like y’all need to talk.” I didn’t know who Blake was or what he did.  When we finally got on a call, we talked for 2 hours! He told me he sold MindBody and had a dream that he was now bringing into reality called Shakti’s Journey. He mentioned that he was hung up on getting Shakti into the world because he didn’t have a good graphic designer. My specialty! Not only that, but I'm extremely well versed in yoga, meditation and the concept of Shiva & Shakti. Very quickly we designed a killer logo and signage (with more collateral to come). My sankalpa came to fruition! What’s even more auspicious is that Blake’s daughter and her mom just moved to my town, Lake Oswego!


So we decided to go for it and bring her to SoulJour Sanctuary. Her maiden voyage, first appearance out of state. What a cool opportunity to actually meditate in person with her outside in nature. I spent 2 full days getting all the marketing materials ready, the yoga teacher lined up...

Only to have virtually no ticket sales?!


So Friday afternoon, we decided to call it. But rather than bag the whole idea, we decided to literally "go with the flow" and follow the Willamette River – the main waterway that goes through Portland and Lake Oswego.

And what an experience it was! Unbelievable really...

People stopped in their tracks. 2 people joined us in meditation. A skateboarder ate shit in the middle of the street. Another guy with a YouTube channel interviewed Blake. Wheeling her on and off the flatbed, walking her through the streets of downtown Portland to Waterfront Park. AUMazing! 

Meditating in the midst of chaos? Wow. Something all will have the opportunity to do if they like. The binaural beats coming out of her connects you to her, while the sounds of the city surround. Needless to say, our cashmere hood was an essential piece. I LOVE putting it over my head and going into my "cave." At one point, thousands of crows stopped squawking and fly over our heads. The kicker of the day was the spectacular sunset that you couldn't make up in a dream. Orange, blue, and a swirling, burning red and yellow that only Shakti could bring.

Shakti is intriguing because she’s the pure form of a woman. The Divine Feminine. No religion or dogma or preconceived anything attached. Shakti is what you bring to her. With one palm open, she receives. With the other fingers in gyan mudra, she gives her wisdom. Which ultimately, is our own knowing.

SoulJour’s mission is to bring people together in the spirit of transformation and adventure through experiences and product designed to reflect our soul journey. Shakti embodies this so perfectly. No expectations, no thoughts around her, just a wide-open sense of the unknown, and the adventure that surrounds not knowing. This is the place where Truth resides. Where our intuition reveals itself. Where we surrender to our highest power with faith and love knowing that all will be well...being in the now, the present moment, the spontaneity that the flow state requires...this is where true magic happens. 

Post Meditation Epic Sunset

Meditating with Shakti in our Cashmere Hood
Shakti started at George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego