Tuning-In to High Vibration: A Weekend Workshop with Paul Selig

This weekend SoulJour had the privilege of attending a weekend workshop with Paul Selig, a channeler, who literally is a medium for guides on the other side. Yep. Out there! Jane, our mystical co-founder, attended his workshop last year and said it was a must do. Not one to say no to spiritual awakening, she was right...Holy freaking HELL YEAH! This was a monumental weekend,  new mountains were summited. This journey never ceases to amaze and the more we walk this path in search of Truth, the more we realize there is still so much to learn and experience...

Each reminder that we are all Divine spirits manifesting as human form helps. Each session Paul had us do an attunement exercise where you stood before another person and stared into their eyes and repeated the following "I know who I am in Truth. I know what I am in Truth. I know how I serve in Truth. I am free. I am free. I am free." We said this to our partners, we said it to ourselves. Over and over, all the while staring intensely into another's eyes. Over time, the form in front of you dissolves & the auras pulse...it almost felt like being on LSD -  only a natural kind, free of distortion. Our energies merged and the entire room tuned into the same frequency, the same radio station. Everyone literally looked different. Seeing the Divine in others rather than their clothes, their face, their labels, really shifts your perspective. In one session, the guides had us look at fear...to remember a fearful experience and then have the partner and you repeat the mantra. Fear literally dissolved into the higher vibration! When the exercises were over, it felt like we had just worked out...the hands were hot, body hot, energy buzzing. And all we did was stand there! It truly is amazing what you can do with your own energy. 

Paul is a conduit of the Divine. He would mumble a phrase very quickly and then translate the same phrase slower for us to really understand. No agenda, these words just flowed completely naturally out of him. His facial expressions would change, his hand gestures sometimes became very energetic. It was something magical to behold...

When you recognize the Divine in ALL things, the small self disappears - the self that separates, the self that feels self righteous and judgmental, the self that has fear and anxiety. Fear is a lower level vibration. It isn't something God produces. Society instills it in us. Our families, perhaps without even knowing, instill fear in us. It's everywhere. Fear has veils - anger, pride, resentment, jealousy. This mantra is for those times when fear rears it's ugly head. Go an octave higher and don't cater to fear. When you recognize fear, it grows! Remember that God is ALWAYS with us because we are a manifestation of God in physical form. There is nothing to be afraid of! 

We jumped into a vortex of the unknown, open to possibilities, and walked out of this weekend with a shifted psyche about our relationships, our own True selves, and our relation to God. Even writing God in public is so new...Growing up rebeling against organize religion, we are totally over it. Whatever form you believe, SO BE IT.

For more information please visit Paul's website and attend a workshop if he's in your hood!