Keith Mitchell
Tap into Your Greatness: A holistic healing immersion
November 2-4, 2018

Burned out & stressed? Low on energy?
Spinning your wheels without purpose?
Want to kick your life into high gear but aren't sure how?

Before the holiday chaos sets in, let’s pause, reflect, and create a new paradigm of a high vibe, purpose-filled life.

Keith Mitchell was an All Pro Linebacker. His NFL career ended when he suffered a spinal contusion in his 7th season making a routine tackle that could’ve left him partially paralyzed forever.Through the experience of this paralyzing injury, Keith learned to be a contributor to his own healing and regained functionality through conscious breathing, meditation, and yoga.

Now a highly sought after Motivational Mindfulness Coach and Holistic Health & Fitness Advocate, Keith shares his lifestyle transformation to help others achieve optimal health, peace and aliveness to the fullest degree.

In this immersion weekend, learn tools and techniques for healing the mind, body, and spirit connection through an integrated and holistic approach to movement, nutrition and breathwork. Experience firsthand the formula that changed Keith’s life.

Hear from SoulJour Founder, Ashley Melin, how her health has changed since she joined Keith’s Wellness Program. She‘ll lead a short cooking class each day for simple and easy recipes.

Each day will begin with movement rooted in both fitness & yoga. We'll then enjoy an amazing vegan, alkaline electric lunch catered by Eatin’ Alive followed by a discussion about the diet and his plant based supplements which will take us to the next level of healing and power. Afternoon sessions we'll tap into our greatness via guided visualization and breathwork.

Friday Night Only: $30
Saturday or Sunday Only: $180
Full Weekend: $350
Bring a friend and you both save $50 (full weekend only)



FRIDAY 6:30pm-8pm
Hear how a pro athlete at the top of his game learned to transcend his most devastating loss into his greatest gift. Keith will then guide us on a journey to Remember Our Self, the place where Truth resides.

While the morning schedule is similar, classes will vary.

9AM - 12PM: Freedom in Motion
Come ready to transform! We’ll move our bodies in a non-linear fashion - incorporating fitness, yoga, and breathwork. Thriving is our birthright and we’ll learn techniques to unlock our greatest potential.

Noon - 1:30pm: Vegan, Alkaline, Electric Lunch + The Ametta Nutrition Lifestyle
Living the life we were meant to live starts with diet. When our cells are functioning properly, our bodies, minds and spirits align. Enjoy an organic, vegan, alkaline lunch followed by an informational talk about Keith’s plant-based supplements and the electric foods diet.

Saturday, 2pm - 4pm: Access Your Greatest Potential
Greatness is the decision to push the envelope in the purposeful areas of our lives. Keith will take us to the deepest layers of our being, where greatness resides.

Sunday, 2pm - 4pm: Life Doesn’t Define Me
Challenges are obstacles that propel us forward and are an opportunity for growth. Learn to set new intentions that ultimately create new neural patterns. Become the victor rather than the victim in order to live your best life.

What You’ll Learn

  • Rebuild, rejuvenate, and transfigure perceptions of self
  • Electric, alkaline diet for strength, energy & deep healing to the cells
  • Improved mentality for love, relationships, life transitions, and healing to take place
  • To examine life patterns and set new intentions for growth and well-being
  • Turn fears and limitations into positive, focused action
  • Bring strength, flexibility and functionality to the body for peak performance