Kundalini Rocks! 
Wah & Ananda Yogiji
Our Only In Person Event of 2021!

Join us for one or both of these awesome experiences at SoulJour Sanctuary in Lake Oswego, OR

Great Women Gather

Sept 25 • 2-8pm

Concert Only • 6-8pm

Sunday Service

Sept 26 • 10am-noon

Please join us for our 3rd Annual Kundalini Gathering with two of our faves: renowned Portland Kundalini teacher, Wah Khalsa and the AUMazing Ananda Yogiji! Two top powerhouse forces gracing our presence to supersize this incredible weekend at SoulJour Sanctuary.



Wah Khalsa

Ananda Yogiji


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September 18: Great Women Gather + Kirtan Concert

This much needed and long overdue sisterhood space is coming back and we're elated! 

It has been quite a time. We have all counted our blessings and faced epic challenges. What an ideal moment to soothe and nourish our hearts, minds and bodies than a sacred circle of women practicing yoga, enjoying live music, chanting & dancing, eating delicious food and letting it all go into the fire!

We'll begin with a short nature walk through the park next door followed by a full Kundalini yoga and meditation session, moving our way into dance and a fire ceremony. After dinner and connecting with one another, we'll enjoy a kirtan concert with Ananda Yogiji. Dinner will be included with this event. 

Includes short nature walk, yoga & meditation, live music + kirtan concert, fire ceremony, and dinner.

Sunday Service: "T is for Trust"

Enjoy Sunday Service at SoulJour Sanctuary! TRUST is the theme as now more than ever it's our time to TRUST that we are being guided past this time and into a new time of great awakening. We'll enjoy Kundalini yoga & meditation with Wah Khalsa to nourish the soul accompanied by live music with Ananda Yogiji!

Join us under the trees, in the company of beautiful people to start your Sunday with an open heart to set your week off right. We have missed practicing in community and are so excited to gather and chant, breath and simply be together. Let us be reminded of the oneness we all share. 

Includes short nature walk, yoga & meditation, live music.

Weekend Schedule

September 25

2pm sharp: Short Nature Walk to the Sanctuary
2:30pm-5ish: Kundalini Yoga & Live Music with Wah Khalsa and Ananda Yogiji
5-6pm: Dinner, Hang, Shop
6-6:30pm: Fire Ceremony 
6:30-8pm: Kirtan Concert with Ananda Yogiji

2-6pm: For those identifying as women only. 
6-8pm: All are welcome!

September 26

10am SHARP: Nature Walk in
10:15-noon: Kundalini Yoga & Live Music

All are welcome and encouraged!

About the Presenters

Wah Khalsa | Kundalini Yoga Teacher

My full name is Wahe Guru Kaur Khalsa, but you can call me Wah. I was born into the lineage of Kundalini Yoga and the Sikh faith, hence my Indian name:) I have been teaching Kundalini Yoga since I was 18 when I graduated high school as a certified Yoga teacher. I live a yogic lifestyle more than a religious one, and I'm a big believer in all paths and practices that lead us to our personal truth. I am so blessed to get to share these teachings and feel like I have the best job in the world! 

My mama is Gurmukh Khalsa and she is a world-renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher, so I have had the honor of learning from one of the best. My goal in life is to empower people, to give them tools to become the masters of their own lives. Hopefully our paths will cross, but for now thank you for visiting me online! 

Ananda Yogiji | Songwriter & Mantra Musician, Yoga Teacher and Cacao Ceremony Facilitator

Ananda started his musical interests in grade school playing the violin and later in high school picking up guitar. In college (2003-2008), he formed a band called Coastline, again with a new best friend sharing the role of lead singer and songwriter with him. The music was more in the lines of singer songwriter, rock, alternative, reggae and ska.

In Spring of 2006, Ananda took his first Kundalini Yoga class at the University of Oregon. That changed his destiny. It wouldn't be until years later, but the seeds on mantra had been planted. In 2009, he sold his Gibson electric guitar for a plane ticket to Guatemala. There, with just an acoustic guitar, he stayed for 3 months, teaching Kundalini Yoga and sharing songs in his classes and at restaurants. 

By this time mantra music was seeping deep into his consciousness. He had attended a couple Summer Solstice gatherings in New Mexico. He continued on a very dedicated path of yoga, in particular with the Kundalini Yoga tradition as taught by Yogi Bhajan but also teachings from other lineages influenced by the Vedas, the ancient teachings from India. In the spring of 2010, Ananda was compiling a series of devotional songs and chants that would emerge onto the album, Live at the Altar of Love, Disc 2 (2011). 

In fall of 2010, he started playing with Jaya Lakshmi and they went on to start touring regionally and then expanded globally. Together they released 16 albums since 2010 and especially since 2013 have toured year round. In 2020, they decided to part ways intimately and pursue their solo careers. In August 2021, Ananda will release his second studio album, Flow Like the River. 

Ashley Melin, Founder SoulJour

Ashley Melin is the founder of SoulJour, a holistic yoga lifestyle brand dedicated to the seeker, sage and warrior in us all. She is also the principal of Point3 Design, a full-service graphic design studio for nearly 20 years. Taking her first yoga class in 1992 at the recommendation of her parents, she never looked back and has since studied extensively with many of the most renowned teachers all over the world. After a life changing 3-month solo journey through India in 2004, she founded Aum Adventures (now part of SoulJour) – a travel company aimed at getting people out of their comfort zone and into the magical chaos of India. As an avid mountain biker, skier, 10 time marathon runner, and big mountain climber (climbing over 25 peaks above 14,000 feet ), she has an intimate understanding of pushing limits – physical, emotional, mental – in order to create change. This concept became the most real when Ashley divorced her partner of nearly 20 years and was given the opportunity to dive deeply into her soul. It was during this time that the idea for SoulJour was born. She currently resides in Lake Oswego, OR with her 11 year old son and 2 dogs.

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