Embrace the Dark: 
A New Moon Shadow Experience

Friday, August 2 • 8-11pm
Wembley Park Sanctuary
Lake Oswego, OR
$30 in advance / $35 day of event
$50 VIP (includes $11 donation to Together Rising + a SoulJour Kit) 

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Nathan MillsNathan Mills


What if you knew that the way to access the very best in yourself – the light –

was by facing your darkness?

This SoulJour Experience is designed to tap into the primal sense, awareness, and intuition that modern living has diluted in us. In this new moon practice, we’ll learn to trust the dark - when the old passes away and the new is not yet here. Nathan Mills will guide us through an exploration of shadow side. Set outside in our beautiful Wembley Park Sanctuary, we’ll immerse in nature, with the pulsation of the insects as the backdrop. By cutting off the sense of sight, we greatly awaken our other senses – we return inward and the conversation with our soul begins.

Nathan Mills designed the Dark Yoga Practice in 2008 after experimenting with the use of sensory deprivation in his own asana and meditation practice. We begin the evening with a guided silent nature walk through the woods followed by a 60-minute practice consisting of “static” yoga postures to prepare the mind and body. From there, we’ll transition to a guided meditation/visualization in total darkness. The Experience concludes with an introspective writing exercise set to the light of the fire. We’ll then walk back via tiki torches back to our cars, deeply quiet and resting in our knowing.


About Nathan

Nathan was born to parents who were devotees of a kriya yoga, meditation and other movement modalities. He was introduced to the practice of Yoga Asana at the age of 12 while working at a retreat center for the yogic and healing arts in the beautiful mountains of Helena, Montana. At the same age, Nathan began his study of the martial arts under the patient instruction of his Shihan. Born handicapped with a leg discrepancy of over 3 inches, Nathan approached these demanding physical practices humbly, patiently.

With the encouragement of his parents and teachers, Nathan meticulously found ways to modify the shapes and forms of these practices to suit his body. After much adversity and several surgeries, he quickly began to see the valuable benefits of these art forms and the amazing positive changes these practices were evoking physically, mentally, and emotionally. These practices also gave him the tools to help heal from debilitating anxiety and depression that formed when Nathan was 19.

Nathan moved to Los Angeles to study film where he also continued to deepen his yogic and martial studies. During these years he helped build Budokon® Universities school of “Yogic, Martial, and Living Arts” and became one of the first teachers ever certified to teach public Budokon classes.

During that time, he taught in some of the most prestigious studios in the LA including Golden Bridge, Santa Monica Power Yoga, Yoga Works, Exhale Spa, and Equinox while working with people in the entertainment industry. He then began traveling to teach workshops and during that time was introduced to his wife Heather.

Nathan currently resides in Portland, OR and continues to explore, evolve, and deepen his personal practice while teaching these life changing art forms to others.


“Dark Yoga is indispensable for those who want take the journey within. I found this experience to be a portal to self without any shortcuts. Unsettling, challenging and mysterious, this experience allowed me to tap directly into the ‘dark’ or suppressed areas that I’ve allowed due to social agreements, false sense of self, or simply choosing dead ends along my path. There is an invitation of going straight to the Source as well as a profound sense of coming home.

Through the use of Nathan’s expertly guided meditation, the workshop facilitates an awakening of the dormant yet potent aspect of true Self. Dark Yoga is literally dark. Conversely, it is truly illuminating – we have the opportunity to face our Selves. The experience can have a lasting effect for months in terms of un-peeling the layers. I highly recommend!”


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