Awaken Inner Vision Mala Necklace
Awaken Inner Vision Mala Necklace
Awaken Inner Vision Mala Necklace
Awaken Inner Vision Mala Necklace
Awaken Inner Vision Mala Necklace

Awaken Inner Vision Mala Necklace

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Design the life you were born to live with this beautiful mala created specifically to Awaken Your Inner Vision and open up to a new way of seeing and being. Wear this mala bead necklace close your heart for deep inner knowing, on the outside to project your dreams into reality, or else use the 108 beads to count your mantras when chanting to solidify your manifestations. In collaboration with FlyGirls Malas, we designed this mala necklace in SoulJour brand colors, the beads were mindfully selected for their individual energetic properties and arranged to balance your subtle body, activate your intuition and to reawaken the song of your soul. While making each necklace, FlyGirl Malas consecrates the Inner Vision energy with chanting, Reiki, and love.


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The Beads:
Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, White & Peach Moonstone

The Energetic + Healing Properties of the Beads:

  • Labradorite: Inspiration, Protection, Transformation
  • Lapis Lazuli: Embodied Connection, Clear Communication, Peaceful Flow
  • White & Peach Moonstone: Balancing, Healing, Tapping in, New Beginnings, Expanded Visions

What is a Mala?
A Mala is String of Intention and can help one Manifest, Activate, Live and Align one’s Intentions. A Mala or Garland, is a string of 108 beads with hand-tied knots in between beads and is traditionally used as a counting device for Mantra Meditation. The large center bead (guru or meru (mountain)) bead provides a starting and ending point on the mala for counting the repetitions. This ancient tool was developed to keep the mind focused on the practice of meditation. A mala can also serve many purposes including protection, inspiration, guidance, support. adornment and drawing out your connection to the Divine Source.  

How to Use a Mala:
In the morning or before bed, use this necklace as a counter for your mantra practice. Hold the mala beads in your left hand and start at the tassle. With each mantra repetition, move your fingers one bead over. There are 108 beads which is the most potent and sacred number of rounds to chant your favorite mantra.

Awaken Inner Vision Mala Mantra:

Grounded, balanced and connected, I powerfully step into a new way of being with clarity, focus and awareness. Empowered, connected and protected by my guides, I hone my intuition and expand my sphere of awareness. As I Awaken to my Inner Vision, I experience a deep profound inner peace, healing and transformation. 

We'll plant 4 trees in our SoulJour Forest with each purchase.

Limited quantity available.

The true way to have a mala is to be gifted one by another. When the energy is given, it may also be received. We encourage you to gift this necklace to someone special who may be needing this Inner Vision energy!

About Fly Girl Malas
Divinely inspired, unique custom Malas created for you in Breckenridge, CO. Fly Girl Malas assembles each mala with hand-tied knots between each of the 108 beads infused with special mantras of the Sri Vidya Tradition, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki, powerful intention & love. The Mala Creation Process draws upon the concept of Connectiveness. Each Mala weaves in the unique properties of the powerful stone/beads and the intention for the mala calling forth the powers of the cosmos and the natural world infusing strength, support, harmony, abundance and love.  Let the powerful intention and energy of your custom mala help you manifest your heart’s desires and move towards the life you envision.

About Leslie Ross, Designer
Long time Breckenridge, CO resident, Mala Designer & Yoga + Meditation Teacher, Leslie finds inspiration through many organic and living sources including her outdoor mountain playground, the trees, plants and birds in her backyard, local art and through her dedicated yoga + meditation practice and studies. Keeping in the tradition of her mala teacher Sarita Shestha, each mala is created weaving in powerful symbolism including the five elements and the harmonizing  forces of the Sun and Moon.