Sarah & Hashim Hall (USA)

Sarah & Hashim Hall (USA)

Hashim: Strength Conditioning Trainer & Kids, Track Coach 
Sarah: Hair & Nail Stylist 

Tell us about yourself?
We met 20 years ago at Oregon State in the dorms doing laundry. We share a love not only for football but for the Beavers, I graduated from OSU and Hashim from PSU I then moved to Portland after graduation and started my career in retail. I realized quickly that moving up the corporate ladder was not for me, after a few different job changes I found being a hairdresser was ideal for me. Working with people and having more time and freedom to do the things I wanted to do. Hashim found his calling as a Trainer, Coach, Husband, Father. He is has a co-training business called SUGU (Step UR Game UP). He is an amazing husband, also a head track and Field Coach at Tualatin High School,  is a co-owner of a Track and Field club called Step UR Game UP track club. We have now been married for nearly 9 years and we have a son who’s 8 months old.  

What mantra (motto/quote/belief) do you live by?
Follow your passion if you love what you do it will never feel like work. Hashim and I both love our careers. What’s been your biggest life challenge? Hashim’s biggest challenge is trying to juggle everything and still make it home for dinner. I love my career, I love to coach, and I love my family... but they all require time and attention. To become successful.My biggest challenge is trying to juggle all my roles as well being a good daughter, sister, wife, aunt and now mother.

What’s #1 on your bucket list at the moment?
Hashim and I have enjoyed traveling and have shared many adventures. The next step is to share the love we have for adventures with our little boy Kendric.

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