Diana Hulet (USA)

Diana Hulet (USA)

Yoga Director, EdgeFit Trufusion

Tell us a little about yourself? 
Getting to know me means taking a glimpse into how I spend my time - and as practitioners, we know that life is flying by, so what we do with the days we are granted tells a story of what's important in our lives.  I wake up early, before the happenings of the day wash over me, and I read a poem or passage that can shed something vibrant across the work and tasks of the day.  I'm at my happiest when watching my sweet dog run across a field, surrounded by trees, river, ocean, lake, sky.  My work is teaching yoga, and I'm grateful to live a life doing this.  I currently serve as Yoga Director and Regional Manager for Edge by TruFusion.

What mantra do you live by? 
Live your practice.  I've spent much of my life immersed in the philosophy of yoga, and although the teachings and knowledge gleaned from books and teachers will always be there for me, I'd like my life to be a living practice.  Whether it is how I engage my relationships to how I take care of my environment and tend to my health, I'm at my best when the teachings of yoga have permeated the hours and days of my life.

What’s been your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge is balance.  Yes, the obvious ones; vrksasana, natarajasana, virabhadrasana - yet truly, holding oneself accountable in the light of the teachings takes healthy doses of both vigilance, and humor.  I'd like to craft my days so that they hold both the ebb and the flow - the way that we move inward, and also (especially in these times) the way we can move outward.  Finding spaciousness in the midst of long days, yes, that's a challenge.  I've also had very human challenges along the way, the loss of my parents, a health diagnosis, and also, these things brought me the capacity to just keep going.

What’s #1 on your bucket list at the moment?
Love, real honest love. Starting a dog healing sanctuary. Sure, Morocco and Ireland would be nice too.

Why do you practice yoga?
I practice to stay here.  The past and the future are not really what's happening, and I get on the mat or the cushion to remember this.  I'm dancing with the future in every single breath.  I practice to stay close to life, and to keep my finger on the pulse that beats underneath everything we see.