Anton Mackey (USA)

Anton Mackey (USA)

Yoga Instructor
Scottsdale, AZ 

Tell us about yourself?

I’ve always been a seeker looking for what’s out there. Growing up in an open-minded household, I was given choice as to what my spiritual path would be. I searched for connection through Catholicism, knowing there was something out there that I felt the need to pray to. In college, while studying anatomy and physiology, I turned away from organized religion and began exploring eastern spiritual teachings, and dabbled in marital arts. It took a very challenging time in my life for me to find the yoga practice. It was stress relief and sleep I was needing, not the physical benefits of Asana. 

The practice quickly became my greatest passion and I began teaching yoga less than one year after my first class. As I dove deeper into yoga philosophy, I eventually found a Buddhist Lama who taught me all about dharma & karma.  After a past life reencounter with my beloved, we began exploring plant Medicine and other shamanic studies. 

Currently my yoga teaching bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual, uniting the energies of the Divine Masculine & Feminine.

I  am blessed to travel around the country guest teaching for several Teacher Training programs, presenting at festivals and leading yoga retreats around the globe. 

My biggest teaching gig yet has been that of becoming a father to two beautiful boys.

What do you practice yoga?
To help me face the darkness that rises in my mind. 

What mantra/quote/belief do you live by?
That everyone and every experience is a mirror. 
What’s #1 on your bucket list at the moment?
Take my family to the Star Wars exhibit at Disneyland :-)