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The Difference Between Comply & Surrender

Nov 01, 2021

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Throughout the pandemic the word comply has become commonplace. Until this time, I don't remember ever hearing or using the word comply. It's as though we've become immune to it's no big deal. Everyone is is doing it, why don't I? 

Comply: To act in accordance with another's command, request, rule, or wish. To adapt one's self; to consent or conform.

Adapt one's self? As in, capital "S" Self? Source energy itself Self? ...To act in accordance with another's command / rule? Conform?

I am from the United States of America, "Land of the Free. Home of the Brave." The concept of comply isn't a part of my vocabulary because it hasn't been a part of the American culture. Americans have always been independent. Free to do as we choose. We've prided ourselves on being the most innovative, entrepreneurial society on earth. The one land people dream of coming to be a part of the American dream.

The “American Dream” is a sort of ethos or set of beliefs that drive many U.S. citizens as they work toward creating a life for themselves. This set of ideals – which includes notions of individual rights, freedom, democracy, and equality – is arguably centered around the belief that each individual has the right and freedom to seek prosperity and happiness, regardless of where or into what circumstances they were born. 

And now here we are in 2021, being asked to comply. Comply to an untrustworthy government who uses lies and manipulation to coerce its own citizens. Comply to untrustworthy Big Tech companies who censor our words and opinions. Comply to the most untrustworthy institution of all – Big Pharma – which has zero interest in our actual health. Then wouldn't they be out of business?

When we were young we learned about onomatopoeia - words that sound how they are spelled. Say "comply" 5 times fast. Does it flow off the tongue, have a vibration that sings in your heart? Or is it heavy, abrasive and downright murky sounding? It sounds as though you just drank a thick glass of unwhipped whipping cream and now have to speak. Feel how it gets stuck in the back of your throat? Me too.

Now say the word Surrender. "Surrrrrrender..." Ah, how it rolls off the tongue. Vibrates through the throat and into the lungs. Add a little LatinX flair to it and it feels downright sexy. 

Surrender: To give up in favor of another, especially voluntarily. Spiritual surrender is an act of acceptance.


Let's look closer at the difference between Comply and Surrender.

Comply involves "power over" – a hierarchy. There is ego involved. Control. One side feels insecure and so it needs to control the other side to feel good. The vibration is FEAR. 

Surrender also requires an act of one side giving up but in a very different way. Surrender is the moment ones realizes that pushing, forcing won't end in the desired result. It is the complete giving up of one's Self. Surrender asks us to Trust and have Faith in knowing that the end result is as it's meant to be....connected to God. The vibration is LOVE. 

Low vibration
High Vibration


In these times we are being asked to go within. To ask our Selves if going along with the current narrative feels good. Or to be like SoulJours and start standing up for Freedom, Body Sovereignty, and Choice! Our children deserve to experience these qualities – the foundation and innate birthright of a human soul. 

Transitioning from Compliance to Surrender

Meditation is by far the most effective way to connect to Source energy and begin to listen to our inner wisdom. Nature is a solid runner up when fully immersed and alone. In the West, we've been so trained in our minds and bodies that we've literally forgotten our Souls. Let's admire our Latin American brothers and sisters who still relish in the heart and our Indian and African friends whose Soul is as ancient as it is deep.

The Practice

Discipline is key! When you wake up and before you've gone to your phone, light a candle and sit. Commit to sitting in silence for 5 - 60 mins. Not at a desk, in front of a screen, in a car. Sit upright on the floor ideally or at minimum in a chair. Spine straight. Shoulders and face relaxed. Breathe. Repeat a mantra. Notice your thoughts. Let them pass. Feel into your heart. If you're used to being guided, I invite you to sit in silence with no assistance. Then at night, as you lie in bed, put one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly and remember all that you are grateful for...Feel the belly move up and down. Feel the pressure of your hand on your heart. Like our tagline says, "Remember Your Self." Be kind to yourself, meditation takes practice like anything else.

Over time you will begin to hear God. A whisper at first. The whispers become louder the more seasoned you become. Your intuition will begin to speak to you. You will learn to Trust that the answers that come are yours and yours alone – revealed to you directly by the Divine.  

Now ask your Self: Am I willing to comply to something I don't totally agree with? Or am I going to stand tall in my convictions and surrender to God no matter the outcome?


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