Soul Journal

My NEW Story. What's Yours?

Sep 16, 2020

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Today my soul journey is one of personal transformation – from a victim of narcissism, divorce and loss of identity, to a badass, entrepreneur, single mom (for now!) and leader. The rising up and evolution of my challenges continues to clarify what it means to be a SoulJour – someone who has transcended challenge and turned it into the light they share with the world.

Today I am confident in my vision and purpose: I design an awakened planet. Whether this is through graphic design, creative vision, or the events we curate, I am more passionate and motivated than ever to provide a premium experience that raises the vibration of humanity. I am here to guide people on a more purpose-filled soul journey where love, compassion and joy reside. I believe when humanity is healed, Mother Nature will return to balance.

Today I am nearly 5 years sober by choice. "Taking a year off" somehow evolved into a mission to know the real me – no veils to hide behind, no gaps. What you see is what you get! The clarity of mind, peace in spirit, and health in body are worth the friends who fell by the wayside and the continuous discipline required to "just say no." There's no way to spearhead a brand rooted in Truth and not also live in my own Truth. It is an honor to be a light post for my son – he gets to see that it is gift to move through life "as is."  

Today my faith in God is stronger than ever. Through journaling, meditation, and spending countless hours in nature and/or on a yoga mat, I've learned that the more I surrender, the more miracles I experience. The more I listen to the silence, the stronger my intuition is. When I am guided by Grace, the pieces fall into place. My conversations with God are now a daily.

Today my love for mountain biking, skiing, and outdoor adventure still rules above all. Adrenaline. Pushing limits. Nature has no boundaries – it's where the answers lie. It's where I am happiest and where my soul belongs.

Today my story is one of power – not power over, but power with. There is so much wisdom in in the world – I am here to connect dots so that all who enter the SoulJour vortex feel inspired and empowered to reveal their essence, activate their purpose and rock their truth.

Today I am so deeply humbled to know that my 10-year old son is my greatest teacher – literally a reflection of all that I am. Above all, my most important job is raising an independent, free spirited, seeker, sage and warrior – a human soul here to continue the torch of being a good person in a very confusing world.

Being an entrepreneur, a leader, a trendsetter requires courage. I've worked so hard to remove doubt from my mind. One day in India 2 years ago, I tossed doubt into an intense fire ceremony guided by Pandit Rajmani Tingunait at the Himalayan Institute in Khajuraho. From that moment on I made the choice to lead with my heart, knowing that I am being guided to my highest truth. This hasn't come without fails - there have been plenty. But with fails come findings. When I follow the breadcrumbs towards the unknown, I am able to trust that with Courage, comes Freedom.

And so, in these darkest of times, we find our light and SoulJour on...

Are you a SoulJour? What is your NEW story as of today? We'd love to hear it! Email us.