As SoulJours, our divine intention is to Remember the Self in order to activate our purpose - bringing light in this world. Every SoulJour Experience is created to be a completely unique, Truth rockin’ experience—guiding us on our journey back hOMe to our true nature and essence. We acknowledge and embrace our shadows—inviting them into the conversation—in order to release them and let our light shine. We learn to recognize our brother and sister SoulJours as divine souls having human experience.

We offer a variety of SoulJour Experiences for all to participate:
_Quarterly lunar calendar events at unexpected, exciting pop-up locations
_Summer events at our Wembley Park Outdoor Sanctuary
_International Adventures to India and Honduras
_Weekend Immersions with nationally recognized teachers
_More experiences to come!

Proceeds from each SoulJour Experience benefit a non-profit organization doing great work to bring light into the world and make it a better place for all.

Winter Soulstice
<p>Nathan Mills &amp; The Colin&nbsp;Trio<br>Embracing the Darkness: <br>A Journey to Remember Your Self<br>December 21, 2018</p>

Nathan Mills & The Colin Trio
Embracing the Darkness:
A Journey to Remember Your Self
December 21, 2018

SoulJour Experience
<p>Jill Knouse</p>
<p>1:11: Manifest Greatness</p>
<p>January 11, 2019</p>

Jill Knouse

1:11: Manifest Greatness

January 11, 2019

International Adventure
<p>Ultimate Healing &amp; Jungle Adventure&nbsp;<br>USHA Village, La Ceiba, Roat&aacute;n&nbsp;Honduras</p>

Ultimate Healing & Jungle Adventure 
USHA Village, La Ceiba, Roatán Honduras

August 2019

Wembley Park Sanctuary
<p>Anton Mackey<br>Rock Your Truth &amp; Radiate Grace<br>Summer Soulstice &bull; June 21-23, 2019</p>

Anton Mackey
Rock Your Truth & Radiate Grace
Summer Soulstice • June 21-23, 2019